Roofied Drink Experiment: Man Drugs Drinks Of Unsuspecting Women

How easy is it for a woman to end up with a roofied drink at a bar?

That was the question asked and answered through a social experiment conducted by YouTuber Joey Salads.

In the now-viral video titled “Roofied Drink,” Joey is determined to find out just how easy it is to place a drug inside of an unsuspecting woman’s drink at a bar without even realizing that she ends up with a roofied drink.

As an introduction to the social experiment, Joey explains the growing problem of date rapes in today’s society — a lesson that he also reminds each of his “victims” about throughout the duration of the experiment.


The first roofied drink victim actually left her drink uncovered on the bar when she had to step away for a moment. Even though her friend was sitting right next it, even he did not notice the moment when Joey roofied her drink.


The second victim was enjoying her beverage outdoors by a nearby dock. Joey was able to distract both her and her companion by simply saying, “That’s a nice view, right?” In the brief moment that they turned away from the table to look at the view, Joey successfully turned her beverage into a roofied drink.


The third victim was sitting alone at the bar waiting for a friend. While she was looking around for a friend, Joey used that time to drug her drink, as well.

Joey ended his now-viral social experiment with a few helpful tips that will prevent people from becoming roofied drink victims in real-life.

“Always hold onto your drink. Put a lid on it or just never let your drink out of your sight.”

The “Roofied Drink” experiment is not the first of Joey Salads’ social experiments that made headlines. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, he also made headlines last month with a child abduction social experiment that showed parents just how easy it is for their kids to walk away with strangers.

His social experiments, such as “Roofied Drink” and “Child Abduction,” have definitely made an impact on many of his viewers.

Joey Salads also posts funny YouTube videos that are not based on serious topics, issues, and social experiments. However, videos like the “Roofied Drink” experiment seem to be the ones that draw the most attention for him.

[Image Credit: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez / Getty Images]

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