It’s no Pip-Boy 3000 but it’s still cool

Wearable computers are going to be a huge market once we get over the fear of looking overly geeky and this is one available option that I would love to be able to give a test run to. While it might not be a Pip-Boy 3000 this offering from Glacier Computer looks pretty cool.

The Ridgeline W200 is a wearable computer using the company’s vehicle-mounted Ridgeline family of components. The high strength, low weight reinforced magnesium alloy sports a 3.5 inch color display with a touch screen, a backlit keypad, hot swappable battery pack as well as support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS modules.

I seriously could like this wrist wrapping bad boy, even if it isn’t a Pip-Boy 3000.

[hat tip to SlipperyBrick]

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