Remember Hannah Montana? Watch Miley Cyrus’ Adorable Audition Tape [Video]

Hannah Montana, at one time, was America’s Sweetheart, as was Miley Cyrus. The smiley face that flashed across our television screens (and still does at times) gathered hoards of fans wanting more. Do you remember when Miley was the cute Hannah Montana? No? Well, maybe her audition video will help.

The audition video resurfaced on Thursday and has since become a social media trend. Talk about a #TBT! The video shows Miley Cyrus at 12-years-old putting her best foot forward in her acting debut.

The video, which runs almost 5-and-a-half minutes, couldn’t be complete without her trademark long hair. The young actress runs through scenes, sings, and does a secret handshake with dad, Billy Ray Cyrus.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, the audition tape was filmed ten years ago, and today, Miley is focusing her attention on other things.

“Cyrus is now 22, and has moved on to bigger things (HappieHippieFoundation videos are just one of them!)—but isn’t it nice to remember right where she started? We get the best of both worlds!”

Oh, the nostalgia!

Most fans have already made the connection between Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus, though one fan seems to be a bit behind.

Yes, I think we all have noticed that.

Miley Cyrus has so completely changed her image that it might be hard to remember the sweet brunette girl that stole our hearts. Lately, Miley has donned many different looks that are far from the hometown country girl of Hannah Montana, and that is probably just how she likes it.

Watch as Miley recites her lines from memory and shares a hug with dad.

Whether you are a fan of the young Miley Cyrus or a fan of today’s rock and roll Miley Cyrus, one the is clear: She made a cute audition video. Listen to the Southern twang, which is still present today!

Are you a fan of Hannah Montana? Or do you prefer the grown up Miley Cyrus? Did the audition tape bring back some memories?

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