Chinese Model Dong Lei Becomes Internet Sensation, Admired For Her Extremely Long Legs

A Chinese model, Dong Lei, 20, became an internet sensation after she appeared on the Chinese reality television show, Supermodel. The model stood out from the crowd for her extremely lengthy legs. The woman is 5-foot, 11-inches tall and has legs that are longer than a typical 7-year-old girl. The long legs garnered media attention, and now the model says she is often stopped in the street by admirers.

The Daily Mail reports that the young Chinese model was first noticed when she appeared on the reality series, Supermodel. Dong Lei immediately was a hit on the show, as her legs were extraordinarily long. The model’s unusual frame landed her a number of fans, some even writing the model to tell her to insure her legs, as they were something special. Exactly how long are the model’s legs? According to the Mirror, Dong Lei’s legs are an impressive 45-inches long.

The model says that she thanks her parents for her long legs. She notes that both of her parents are tall, and that she simply inherited the genes. Lei’s father is 6-foot, 1-inch tall and her mother is an above-average 5-foot, 7-inches tall. She also notes that at 16-years-old, she was already 5-foot, 9-inches tall and had long legs.

Dong Lei says she is surprised by all the attention she is receiving for her legs and says she is enjoying every moment of her newfound fame and life as a model. She says her life is now like a holiday, and she will continue to work hard to succeed in her career.

“I find it incredible that I have suddenly become an internet celebrity! I really enjoy my life and work at this moment, I fly around a lot and my work is also partly like a holiday. I will work hard to succeed going forward and hope for the best.”

The leggy model initially was training to be a teacher at a Chinese university. However, shortly after she graduated, she was accepted on the reality television show and shortly after signed to a modeling agency. The former teaching hopeful is now jetsetting around the world, thanks to her internet stardom.

Though the model’s legs are exceptionally long, they still do not register as the world’s longest. That title is held by a former basketball player, Svetlana Pankratova, from Russia. Pankratova’s legs clock in at an astonishing 51.9 inches long.

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