Jonathan Jackson, Noah Parsons Return To ‘General Hospital’ As Anthony Geary, Genie Francis Reunite Before Luke Exits

Jonathan Jackson and Noah Parsons return to General Hospital? Yes, that rumor is based in reality for the popular soap opera, just as Anthony Geary, who played Luke Spencer, prepares to say goodbye, reported The Wrap.

Fans of the ABC soap opera are already mourning the fact that Geary will exit the show soon. As for Jonathan and Nathan, their story line has been scheduled to interweave with the end of Anthony on General Hospital.

Last seen on the drama in 2011, Jackson will play Luke’s son Lucky Spencer, while Parsons will reprise his role as Spencer’s son Ethan.

Both actors have succeeded in their post-General Hospital careers. Jackson earned attention on Nashville, while Parsons sparked praise on The Originals.

But above all of the other drama, it’s Geary’s Luke Spencer, who has charmed viewers since 1978, that’s getting most of the focus since the news broke that he was bidding adieu to General Hospital.

Somewhat easing viewers’ heartbreak at the news is the return of Genie Francis in her memorable turn as Laura Spencer. She’ll help heal those departure pangs over Luke.

As to precisely why Anthony will check out of General Hospital, he felt that the timing was right, according to the soap opera’s executive producer Frank Valentini.

“Tony recently made his intentions clear that he would vacate his role of Luke Spencer this year, and it was a decision he did not come to lightly. After 37 years on the air, Tony felt this was the right time to bid adieu to Luke Spencer, Port Charles and ‘General Hospital.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Genie Francis’ return to Port Charles as Laura to Geary’s Luke comes after she succeeded in her 30-pound weight loss goal.

“I started working when I was 14 years old. The first thing they did after I had been there for three or four months is put Laura on a diet. I totally freaked and it was very hard on me.”

For more than three decades, Genie tried all types of diets. Then, when her weight battles became increasingly frustrated, Francis turned to Nutrisystem for help. She lost 30 pounds in just seven months.

“I wanted something different this time,” Genie revealed. “A lot of the diets I’ve been on have been extreme and taught me how to starve myself. But this has taught me how to feed myself.”

In addition to dieting, she works out regularly.

“The first five weeks I dragged myself to that gym, I didn’t want to do it. But then something flips and you want to go. The weight loss and toning up is almost secondary to me now because I need it just to feel good.”

As for Jonathan Jackson and Nathan Parsons, their return to General Hospital is scheduled only for a short period this summer, reported Entertainment Weekly.

Both actors’ appearances on the daytime drama will provide the show with the opportunity to heighten the suspense as all the characters give their all in saying farewell to Geary.

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