Disney Is Staying Mum On ‘Sister Act’ Reboot Plot

Disney is currently staying quiet on the plot for the planned Sister Act reboot. Nobody will confirm whether it will stick to the storyline of the original 1992 Whoopi Goldberg movie or take a different approach to make it feel new and modern. However, there are certainly mixed remarks from fans of the original movie.

For many, it seems like Disney is struggling to create something unique and original. Over the last few years, it has been involved in live-action fairytales, based on the original cartoon versions, and a Star Wars movie. Adding another remake just seems lazy for some.

TIME reports that Karen McCullah and Kirsten Smith will write the new Sister Act screenplay. The two have seen success on many female-orientated movies, like 10 Things I Hate About You and Legally Blonde. Sister Act will also be produced by Allie Shearmur, who saw success with her Cinderella reboot this year.

There is no confirmation whether the original cast members will appear in the new reboot. Sister Act had a fairly small big-named cast, with Goldberg and Maggie Smith acting opposite each other. Goldberg is currently co-hosting The View, and may not have time in her schedule to reprise her role as the lounge singer girlfriend of mobster Harvey Keitel.

In the 1992 version of Sister Act, she played a lounge singer who went undercover in a convent, where Smith played the reserved reverend mother. While at the convent, she helps to turn the convent and church around, bringing in people from the local area to listen to the choir. She even helps them win a national competition. According to The Guardian, the movie grossed $213 million worldwide, and $192 million in the U.S. alone.

The success of the 1992 movie led to a sequel the following year, where she and some of her fellow nuns took on a failing Catholic school. She helped a number of students realize their dreams of singing, going on to win a national school competition. In 2006, a stage musical based on Sister Act was released, and it is set to close next year.

It is possible that the reboot of Sister Act will follow on from the series, possibly taking a few storylines from the original movie. That would allow previous characters to appear, without retelling the full story. Disney’s version of Star Wars has many of the original cast appear, showing that it is possible for Sister Act to do something similar.

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