WWE News: WWE Considering Brock Lesnar To Win ‘Money In The Bank’?

In a big twist, it seems like WWE might be planning something major in the next few weeks at the annual Money in the Bank PPV. Brock Lesnar has been gone “on suspension” for the last few months and WWE has decided to bring him back a bit early, apparently due to low WWE RAW ratings. Clearly Lesnar is a draw so it makes sense to have him on the card. He is set to be back the night after the MITB PPV, but he very well could have an impact on the PPV before RAW.

As we know, Lesnar is owed a rematch by WWE and Seth Rollins. He never lost his WWE World Heavyweight Title as Rollins pinned Roman Reigns to win the title at WrestleMania 31 after cashing in his very own Money in the Bank briefcase. It appears that WWE wants to speed up the program with he and Rollins which is why Lesnar could face off with Rollins at WWE Battleground next month. Unsurprisingly, WWE might give us a story that Lesnar lost his opportunity to a rematch due to suspension.

So what better way for The Beast to get a title opportunity than to have him as your Money in the Bank winner?

According to Daily Wrestling News, there was a plan as of a couple months ago that has since still developed for Lesnar to return at the Money in the Bank PPV. The idea was for Lesnar to come in during the MITB match, not being officially entered, and decimate everyone in the match. Then he would end up taking the case for himself to use when he chose. Since the winner is determined by who technically brings the case down first, it might go off as a legal option for Lesnar to take the case. Who is going to tell Lesnar no?

While this plan was in the cards, many feel it won’t happen and WWE will run with the original story that Brock Lesnar would be owed a rematch for the WWE World Title soon. Roman Reigns instead is the new favorite to win the case.

Additionally, the plan is still for Brock Lesnar to turn babyface very soon. Coming back after his hot WrestleMania run meant that he would end up going up against The Authority once he returned. Clearly he can’t be a heel in that. Plus fans do want to like Brock. While the original plan is for Lesnar to come back as a face, WWE is still trying to decide if that is a good idea. There is some speculation that they could wait until after WrestleMania 32 for that. However, you never truly know with WWE.

Right now is probably the best time to have him as a face. The people it makes the most sense for him to come back and face are all heels. So by proxy, Brock Lesnar needs to be babyface. So expect him to return babyface.

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