Entourage Movie: Fans Will Not Be Disappointed

Entourage ran eight seasons (2004-2011), and although some people despised it, millions of viewers are quick to say it’s one of the most entertaining shows that ever aired on HBO. For those who want more of the same antics from the guys, but on a much larger scale, the Entourage movie will not let you down.

The last episode of Entourage ended with Vince Chase (Adrian Grenier) flying off into the sunset to get married, accompanied by his crew, while his hot-headed agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) who vowed to leave the entertainment business entirely, takes off to Italy with his wife. His best friend Eric, better known as “E” (Kevin Connolly), makes up with his pregnant girlfriend just as the last minutes of the final episode conclude.

The Entourage movie picks up exactly where the last episode left off. After annulling his marriage, the movie begins with Vince partying on a yacht filled with supermodels. Of course, his boys are in tow, including E, who although vows to help take care of his baby, is no longer with long-term girlfriend, Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui).

Adrian Grenier

This leaves each guy single again, as it were throughout most of the television series, aside from numerous flings and a few serious relationships here and there. Yet, Entourage was never meant to be a family show, and most fans appreciated the fantasy life of a famous celebrity and his best friends who get to live just as lavish as the star himself.

Meanwhile, Ari, known for obsessed dedication to his work, doesn’t make well on his promise to stay out of the entertainment business. He’s now the head of a studio and wants Vince, his favorite client, to star in his first movie. Vince, however, now has aspirations of adding the credit of movie director to his resume.

Fans who remember Ari’s explosive temper and sarcastic remarks will not be disappointed. He crass mannerisms are back and stronger than ever, including more insults to his former assistant, Lloyd (Rex Lee).

The two other members of Vince’s entourage, including brother Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), are back with the same usual antics as well. Drama is still waiting for his big break in the industry, while Turtle, although now a wealthy executive with a slimmed down body, brings back a character that millions can relate to.

In addition to the old crew, the Entourage movie brings dozens of cameo appearances by high-profile celebrities and athletes, including Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Alba, Tom Brady, Gary, Busey, and more.

A new guy joins the gang as well: Travis McCredle, the son of a Texas billionaire played by an almost unrecognizable Haley Joel Osment, who is best-known for his stellar performance in the 1999 movie, The Sixth Sense.

His father, Larsen McCredle, played by award-winning actor Billy Bob Thornton, brings his own sets of laughs to the big screen as the potential financier of Vince’s directorial debut project.

The Entourage movie opens today in theaters across the nation. Grenier encourages people who’ve never seen the show to check it out, as everyone is in “for an entertaining ride.”

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