Brady Toops Waxes Poetic About Britt Nilsson’s Hair [Photo]

Brady Toops and Britt Nilsson seem to still be going strong. On Wednesday, Brady posted a new photo that shows him and Britt looking very much like a loved-up couple. Like many Bachelor and Bachelorette fans, Brady is a big fan of Britt’s thick and long hair. The singer/songwriter from Nashville even wrote a small medley dedicated to Britt’s hair.

On the second episode of The Bachelorette, viewers saw Brady take himself out of the competition in pursuit of Britt after it was announced that Kaitlyn Bristowe, and not Britt, was going to stay on as the woman to hand out the red roses. Brady consoled Britt in her hotel room and they were later shown acting goofy with one another and getting ice cream in town.

Brady’s latest photo with Britt follows two others that show that they’re still enjoying each other’s company. Last week, he posted a photo of them sitting on a couch.

A few days prior to that, he posted a photo of them on a hike.

Britt Nilsson and Brady Toops are still watching The Bachelorette featuring Kaitlyn Bristowe. As Monday night’s episode aired, Brady live-tweeted his thoughts and opinions. While Brady didn’t have a love connection with Kaitlyn, he admires her. In one tweet, he expressed his opinion that Kaitlyn may be the most genuine Bachelorette yet.

Britt, meanwhile, posted a photo of herself watching the show with a group of friends. She announced that she’s Team Kaitlyn.


Viewers will apparently see more of Britt Nilsson and perhaps Brady Toops later on in the season. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Mike Fleiss, the franchise’s creator and producer, tweeted that viewers will get updates on Britt all season long.

Some people actually commented on Britt’s Bachelorette-viewing photo that they’re glad that she didn’t end up being the Bachelorette because the show has gone downhill, with one person even branding it “disgusting.” People found the group date during which the men were asked to explain sex to a group of children horrible.

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s choice to have the men explain sex to children isn’t the only thing that has subjected her to intense public criticism. In an interview with People, posted on Wednesday morning, Kaitlyn talked about dealing with people calling her a slut for having sex with one of her suitors while filming the show. The official trailer for the season shows Kaitlyn tearfully admitting to the camera and her others suitors that she had sex.

“I knew people were going to get mad at me for kissing. I knew there were going to be magazines with crazy headlines. I prepared myself. I definitely have tough skin, but when people are calling you names like a slut, it hurts. It’s been really hard…If people [have sex] on dates, why is it so wrong to do it when I’m looking for a husband? That’s a decision I made. And I don’t think we should be judging each other for it.”

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