Dave Matthews Spies Fan In Traffic, Stops To Ask Her For Bar Recommendation

You never forget the music that narrated your teen years. Mostly likely, you’re still a big fan of those bands and can sing their songs from memory. “What Would You Say?” by the Dave Matthews Band may roll easily off the tongue, 20 years after it was a hit.

A woman still devoted to her 90s music playlist got the surprise of her life on Monday from none other than Dave himself.

So what drew him to her, like a moth to a flame?

A “Fire Dancer” bumper sticker, proudly announcing to the world that yes, she still loves the band.

Reports differ a bit on how exactly this shocking meetup happened. The one consistent fact is that this person was stuck in traffic in front of the musician’s hotel, a fact she wouldn’t know — unless she was that type of fan.

According to TMZ and Uproxx, Matthews was also in a vehicle; both noted that he “pulled over” the woman. But Perez Hilton seemed to suggest he was hanging out in front of the hotel, then “strolled over.”

However it happened, he spied the sticker marking the driver as an admirer and assumed that she would be helpful. He tapped on her window.

She turned around, only to find his very recognizable face staring back at her on the other side of the glass.

We can only imagine it was quite terrifying. The fan’s knee jerk reaction was to curse.

“Holy s**t!! Dave Matthews’ face is in my car window!”

She pulled over (or rolled down her window) to see what on Earth would persuade anyone, no less a famous person, to walk up to a vehicle in the middle of traffic.
Apparently, he was in dire need of a drink — because the reason he wandered up to a stranger in her Toyota, albeit a Dave Matthews Band sympathizer, was to inquire about awesome local bars.

And she was happy to give him a recommendation — Article 14.

She then asked for her own favor, a picture with her favorite musician, which he was apparently happy to do if the resulting photo is any indication.

And the fan’s every dream from the 90s has been fulfilled.

[Photo Courtesy Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images]

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