Martha Stewart Got High With Snoop Dogg? Find Out The Details

Martha Stewart got high with Snoop Dogg? It appears so! Jeff Ross, who was also present at the Justin Bieber roast, revealed how good of a time Martha Stewart is.

“I was happy to hang out and hit on Martha Stewart at the afterparty. Ironically, she’s the one who’s been to prison.”

Then he continued, and more than suggested that Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg got high together. “We get nervous. These roasts are high pressure.” Ross went on to say that to alleviate the pressure he, Stewart, and Snoop went backstage to “decompress a little bit.”

Instead of just suggesting that they smoked put, Ross, who is a staple on the roasts just came out and said it. “Snoop pulled out his… whatever you smoke stuff out of. And me, him, and Martha Stewart got a little stoned. But she didn’t want to smoke directly so I shotgunned one right into her mouth.”

This isn’t the first time that Martha and Snoop have shared a room together. Snoop and Martha cooked brownies (not pot brownies) on Martha’s show.

Stewart even acknowledged that Snoop was an old friend during the Justin Bieber roast.

“It’s nice to see Snoop again. One of the highest-rated episodes on my show, ‘Martha Stewart Living,’ was when Snoop and I made brownies together. I’ve used his recipe ever since. As a matter of fact, I ate three of them right before they called and asked me to do this roast.”

Before the roast, Martha Stewart joked around on the red carpet, posing behind the curtain and joking around with photographers before Justin Bieber arrived. Jeff Ross of course posed on the red carpet as the pope.

It’s not much of a surprise that Stewart smokes pot. Back in 2013, the Marijuana Policy Project wrote that Martha was an influential marijuana user. In an interview, Stewart said, “Of course I know how to roll a joint.”

Fans have reacted to the news that Martha Stewart got high at the Justin Bieber roast.

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