Riot Police Move In As Kentucky Wildcat Fans Act Like Complete Morons

The Kentucky Wildcats defeated their cross-state rival Louisville in the NCAA Final Four March Madness event on Saturday night and following that victory riot police were forced to pepper spray and arrest various rioters who took to over turning cars and setting various items on fire.

Thousands of rowdy fans fled into the streets near the University of Kentucky campus where they lit couches on fire and destroyed private property.

Police had expected such moronic behavior to occur and were already suited up in riot gear with pepper spray in hand. It was the quick thinking of local police that helped stopped the riot before an exacerbated amount of damage could be caused.

When all was said and done 150 officers were sent out to quell the crowd which a spokesperson said was “a very dangerous situation with the fires and the violence.”

While police made less than 15 arrests and only a few injuries were reported the situation was none-the-less mind boggling considering the Wildcats only managed to make it to the championship game and have not yet won the March Madness championship.

In the meantime police had to avoid beer cans being thrown by drunk Wildcat fans while carrying around fire extinguishers to put out dozens of fires started in trash cans, by random debris that was thrown by drunk revelers and fires started on couches carried to the scene of the riots by Kentucky Wildcat celebrators.

Before the night was over a street sweeping machine was called in to clean up debris and damages to property were being dealt with although those damages to buildings and other property were said to be minimal.

UK spokesman Jay Blanton said after the riots:

“It is unfortunate that a small number of people are using what should be a night of celebration as an excuse to attempt to tarnish the university and the community. To the extent that students are involved in any illegal activity or actions that violate the university’s student code, they will be dealt with appropriately.”

In the meantime Louisville fans held a respectful rally to support their fallen players.

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