‘Teen Mom 2’ Couple Update: Will Jeremy Calvert Leave Show After His Divorce From Leah Messer?

Teen Mom 2 couple Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert are in the midst of a divorce, but what does it mean for Calvert’s future with the show? On June 2, Starcasm speculated on his reality television future.

Below is what the site reported on Tuesday.

“Jeremy and Leah’s divorce was confirmed by MTV yesterday, and it looks as though their issues will play a central role in the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2. If the show continues beyond this season, it will be interesting to see whether Jeremy is still featured.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Teen Mom 2 couple faces more than a divorce during the upcoming sixth season. Messer is also fighing back against rumors of drug use. However, judging by the trailer, she’s not doing very well, as she’s seen with her eyes rolling back into her head.

Just one year ago, Messer was seen on Teen Mom 2 Season 5, slurring her words and admitting to feeling “druggy” after taking anti-anxiety medication. As Wetpaint Entertainment noted, Messer credited her struggles to an allergic reaction.

“I’m about to start crying on you. When I first take that medicine, I feel calm and I feel like I can do stuff. I took half this time instead of a full one, and now I feel really messed up… I feel like I’m slurring, I just feel really weird and I’m freaking out. It helps me at first and then I start feeling like a damn druggie.”

Months later, as the Teen Mom 2 couple faced allegations of infidelities, Messer was accused of abusing drugs, which her mother quickly denied on Facebook.

“TRUE FANS listen up. Leah is NOT going to rehab lol. This is Momma Dawn and I 100% ASSURE you that Leah is NOT going to a DRUG REHAB. Lots of LOVE to the true fans. all will come out on the upcoming show about Leah Dawn Calvert, Jeremy, Corey,Miranda, and the babies. But rest assure I HATE drugs don’t want association with them and wouldn’t NEVER Condone them. Love ALL have a good night Momma Dawn.”

Despite her denial, Messer is reportedly in rehab currently, where she is expected to stay for at least 30 days. On social media, Messer has been silent for weeks.

For more of Teen Mom 2 couple Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert, tune into Season 6, when the new season premieres on July 9 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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