Andrea Canning: ‘Dateline’ Correspondent Welcomes Fifth Daughter

Andrea Canning, a correspondent for Dateline, has welcomed her fifth daughter with her husband, USMC Major Tony Bancroft.

According to Today, the newest girl, Elle Corbin Bancroft, was born May 27, weighing in at a healthy 8 pounds and 5 ounces. The newest edition to the family makes Canning and Bancroft five girls total ranging in age from newborn to six.

“Everyone’s doing great. We’re just very excited,” Canning said. “The girls are old enough now where they really know what’s going on, so it’s a little different this time around.”

“I think when you have fewer kids, you notice the difference more. The more you have, the less you notice a big change in family dynamics,” she said.

Merely days after giving birth to Elle, Canning was already getting back to her regular routine.

“With this many kids, you have to just bounce back,” she said. “As long as everybody’s healthy, mom’s healthy, baby’s healthy, you just got to get back into the swing of things.”

On Monday, Canning shared an adorable picture of her family on her personal Twitter account, and captioned it by saying, “Whole fam together! #Dateline.”

She also shared a photo of her sleeping baby, who is complete with a full head of hair. “Baby Elle,” she tweeted alongside the photo.

Canning is 42 years old, and said her latest pregnancy was a bit unexpected, and is definitely the last one. While she said they were hoping for a boy, they were just as happy to find out that they were having another little girl.

“It was a little unexpected since I am 42 now. Ironically this is one of the easiest pregnancies! I think there’s something to be said for not trying and not having that pressure,” Canning said. “We feel so lucky and blessed to have four healthy, beautiful girls and now a bonus baby on the way!”

“This is a classic example of what happens when you’re chasing the one sex you don’t have — a boy in our case,” she added. “My husband being a Marine and sports enthusiast was looking forward to lots of Little League and football games. But we are apparently meant to have all girls and he’s already got them into all kinds of sports! I am envisioning some kind of all-girl band!”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

[Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images]

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