Louis Tomlinson Flies To L.A. Suddenly — Is Cancer The Reason?

Did Louis Tomlinson lose all of his money and quit One Direction? Or perhaps there is some other reason that Louis Tomlinson is tweeting One Direction fans from Los Angeles for “one pound” — two days before a show in Cardiff, Wales, U.K.?

On June 3, Yahoo Celebrity reported that Louis Tomlinson arrived in Los Angeles on the night of June 2. What is making fans quake in their boots is that Louis Tomlinson is supposed to play a show far away in Wales with One Direction on June 5.

Hours before Louis Tomlinson left for America, he tweeted, “Can’t wait to get back on the road again!” Maybe by “the road” he meant the friendly skies? Oddly, less than 72 hours before he went to Los Angeles, Louis Tomlinson was partying all night with Fifth Harmony.

In other words, will Louis Tomlinson have enough time (or strength after partying with Fifth Harmony and doing a couple of red-eyes) to make it all the way back to the U.K. from America in less than 48 hours — or is something else going on?

On the day he left for Los Angeles, Louis Tomlinson posted to Twitter asking fans for money. “Even just £1 helps,” Louis Tomlinson tweeted.

However, the reasons behind the tweet had nothing to do with Louis Tomlinson in particular — and instead pertained to a little girl named Ruby from the U.K. that is battling a rare form of cancer.


Louis Tomlinson has had the situation with Ruby on his mind over the past few months, and recently posted a video about her experience on his Twitter account.

Ruby’s case is particularly dire because she is fighting a difficult type of cancer called neuroblastoma — and Louis Tomlinson wants fans to help this family pay for Ruby’s expensive treatments.

Asking One Direction fans to step up to help those in need is an important part of being a celebrity for Louis Tomlinson. Forbes Magazine wrote about One Direction and Louis Tomlinson using their celebrity status for the good of others in 2013 and stated the following.

“The friendly faces of boy band stars [like Louis Tomlinson] can help sell a lot of things: mp3s, arena seats, magazines, television advertising … But redirect that commercial power towards a charitable cause and the effect is just as strong apparently.”

In addition to advocating for Ruby for many months on social media, Louis Tomlinson and One Direction have worked to help raise money for other cancer patients over the years.

As recently as May, 2015, Louis Tomlinson attended Trekstock — a U.K. cancer charity. Regardless, One Direction’s commitment to cancer charities goes back to their first years of being together as a band.

Since 2012, One Direction and Louis Tomlinson have met directly with fans that are terminally ill. They have made videos for fans with cancer — and Liam Payne even shaved his head to support cancer patients.

Taking their commitment to advocating for cancer patients further, in 2013, One Direction donated 200,000 British pounds to Stand Up To Cancer. Along with cancer charities, Look to the Stars lists eight other charities that Louis Tomlinson and One Direction regularly give to, including the Global Poverty Project and Greenpeace.

Could Ruby’s fundraising cause that started in October, 2014, be the reason that Louis Tomlinson is in Los Angeles? According to press interviews, Ruby needs so much money for medical bills because her rare type of cancer must be treated in America — and Ruby only has insurance in the U.K.

Despite newspapers discussing that Ruby will need treatment in America — none tell the exact location of this neuroblastoma treatment facility. Could this important hospital for Ruby be in Los Angeles — where Louis Tomlinson suddenly appears 48 hours before a tour begins?

As it appears, the theory that Louis Tomlinson might be in Los Angeles for Ruby is easily supported since the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles is partnered with the Saban Research Institute. This medical research facility is one of the primary places that children with neuroblastoma are treated.

While we may not have clear explanations from Louis Tomlinson about whether or not he is in Los Angeles to support Ruby — the possibility that he would blow off his Cardiff concert for her would not unfounded for this soft-hearted gent.

In the meantime, while we are waiting for answers about Louis Tomlinson’s sudden flight to Los Angeles, Ruby still needs donations. To support Louis Tomlinson’s cause to help Ruby Young, you can donate at JustGiving. So far, over 20,000 people have raised £295,870.70.

One important note is that 1D fans do not need to worry about donating in British pounds (as Louis Tomlinson suggests), because JustGiving automatically converts dollars into pounds.

As a reminder, the one British pound that Louis Tomlinson wants you to donate to Ruby actually converts to about $1.50 to $2 in American dollars.

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