Caitlyn Jenner Still Has A Penis, Should We Consider ‘Her’ To Be A Woman?

Last week, rumors of Caitlyn Jenner undergoing gender reassignment surgery surfaced in the media. However, as Caitlyn made her public debut on the cover of Vanity Fair‘s July issue, the magazine put the stories to rest. Although Caitlyn’s body closely resembled that of a woman’s on the cover image, Vanity Fair said that she still has male genitalia.

In an article, Vanity Fair explained that Caitlyn did undergo several plastic surgery procedures, but none of them included the reconstruction of her penis. They wrote that she went through facial-feminization surgery and breast augmentation.

Caitlyn also had her hairline corrected, her forehead, jaw and chin contoured and her nose fixed. She even had a tracheal shave and she had her body and facial hair removed. Aside from these numerous procedures, Caitlyn has also been taking hormones.

Furthermore, the article emphasized that it is a misconception that for an individual to be considered as a transgender woman, she must undergo genital reassignment surgery. To prove this point, Vanity Fair pointed out that only a quarter of transgender women have underwent genital surgery. The majority of them, like Caitlyn, still have penises.

The transgender community also supported Vanity Fair‘s article. With Caitlyn’s debut, they stressed that a person’s genitalia does not determine their gender.

GLAAD issued a statement.

“… A transgender identity is not dependent on medical procedures. Overemphasizing the medical aspects of a person’s transition objectifies transgender people, and prevents the public from seeing the transgender person as whole person.”

Moreover, online source Alternet asserted that Caitlyn didn’t pose as a woman and that she isn’t even really transitioning from male to female because she had always been a woman deep inside.

Alternet’s Karen Dolan wrote that Caitlyn is finally feeling safe after she had been “posing” as a man all her life. She encouraged others to support Caitlyn saying, “Be happy for her. Support others who are brave enough to do the same.”

Caitlyn’s debut puts into perspective that there are many people who are still ignorant of the issues that members of the transgender community face. Over the years, individuals have looked down on transgender women for undergoing sexual reassignment surgery and other medical treatments to alter their appearance.

What they fail to realize is that these procedures and treatments that transgender women undergo are dangerous. Women like Caitlyn go into their transition with high risks of developing serious health problems.

[Image credit: Vanity Fair]

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