‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Gets A Doctor As Sandrine Holt Joins The Cast

Sandrine Holt has just been cast in AMC’s new series, Fear The Walking Dead. According to Deadline, Holt will play the role of Dr. Bethany Exner, “a confident and skilled doctor.” Sandrine Holt is known to fans for her roles in Netflix’s House of Cards, A&E’s The Returned and the upcoming feature Terminator: Genisys. She also recently did a nude photo shoot along with other female celebrities for Allure magazine.

It will be interesting to see just how Dr. Bethany Exner fits into the world of Fear The Walking Dead. It is likely, with her being a doctor, she will be involved when the outbreak occurs – maybe even a medical consultant for a television show, suggests Cinema Blend. Potentially, she could appear in an LA hospital as authorities try to identify and contain the outbreak. However, it might be just as likely to see her later on down the track. After all, it is always handy to have a convenient medical practitioner on hand after the zombie apocalypse occurs. However, this is all entirely hearsay as AMC, the cast, and all the crew involved with Fear The Walking Dead have had as much to say about the upcoming show as your average walker on the companion series, The Walking Dead.

There has been a spate of cast announcements recently. Joining the original core cast of Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens and Frank Dillane will be Mercedes Mason, Alycia Debnam Carey, Lorenzo James Henrie, Elizabeth Rodriguez and most recently, Rubén Blades and Patricia Reyes Spíndola. Fear The Walking Dead will be set in LA and focus around the blended family headed by Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Madison (Kim Dickens).

Fear The Walking Dead will premiere in August according to the Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, but as yet, a final release day has not been set. However, with The Walking Dead normally starting in October and AMC’s new series, Humans due to finish on August 16, 2015, there is only a small window of opportunity existing for the start date of Fear The Walking Dead – either August 23 or 30. Of course, that is only if AMC decides to premiere the new series on a Sunday as fans are anticipating.

Are you looking forward to AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead? how do you think it will compare to the original series? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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