Students Go To Adult Store: 12 Students Taken On ‘Field Trip’ By Teacher, Parents Outraged

Students were taken to an adult store in Minnesota by their teacher for a lesson in sex education, and most of their parents were completely outraged.

According to Fox News, Gaia Democratic School director Starri Hedges took a class on a bit of a field trip. About 12 of her students — ranging in age from pre-teen to high school age — were given a sort of hands-on lesson about the birds and the bees.

“[She said that she] wanted to provide a safe and welcoming environment for students to learn about human sexual behavior. She [said] the field trip offered access to products that can be used to practice safer sex. She says some students bought condoms.”

The students at the adult store were allowed to ask questions about whatever they wanted, and were encouraged to check things out in the store. According to Fox 21 News, Hedges saw nothing wrong with the excursion, and thought it was a great way for these kids to feel comfortable talking about a topic that tends to be sensitive and embarrassing.

“What I saw happening on our trip, I thought it was beautiful because kids could talk to these sex educators without any shame, without any fear.”

Owner of the Smitten Kitten (the adult store where Hedges chose to bring the group of kids) Jennifer Pritchett said that the establishment offers resources for people (apparently of all ages) to learn about sex.

“We leave it up to the discretion of parents and guardians as to when, if, and in what capacity they seek resources from our educators,” said Pritchett. The students reportedly took part in an “educational workshop” while at the store. Hedges says that “pornographic material” was out of sight at the time of the kids’ visit, but that they were able to see “sex toys and other products.”

Unfortunately for Hedges, many of the students’ parents disagreed with her decision to take their kids to the adult store. In fact, at least one parent pulled his two daughters out of the school.

“I just struggled to think that I wasn’t involved in that [decision],” said the dad, adding that he felt it was a “a major breach of trust.” It is unknown what Hedges told the kids’ parents about the trip, or if any of them signed anything informative.

The students’ trip to the adult store may or may not have been against the law. In many states, there is a minimum age of 18 to enter a sex store like the Smitten Kitten.

“It was certainly the first time we have taken that kind of field trip and it will probably be our last, which I feel bad [about] because the kids had so much fun,” said Hedges.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Hedges truly believed this was an educational experience for the kids. She has not lost her job… for now. Should she?

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