Woman Fakes Having Terminal Cancer To Receive Autographed Soccer Memorabilia

Faking a sickness has become the norm for someone that wants to skip work for the day, or a child that wants a bowl of ice cream to soothe a non-existent sore throat. However, there are times that an individual may take a fake sickness to an extreme — such is the case of Linda Moon. Linda Moon suffers from Vasccular Ehlers disease, which affects her blood and skin. However, Moon’s condition was revealed to be terminal cancer when she originally revealed it, gaining sympathy from her favorite soccer team, Preston North End, after stating that seeing them in the championship was on her bucket list.

When Moon’s “terminal cancer” was revealed, she quickly gained the sympathy of Preston North End team members. As a result, she was visited in the hospital by members of the team, each bringing autographed gifts, such as balls, shirts, kits, and, of course, opportunities to spend time with the players she idolized, according to Metro U.K.

As the players visited, she shared that she had an incurable bowel and blood cancer that was destined to lead to her death. She even admitted to planning her own funeral, according to the Mirror U.K. Moon failed to enlighten the team members that an announcement of cancer was a mistake. In reality, she has non-terminal Vascular Ehlers disease. She admits that the entire situation spiraled out of control and she should have clarified her condition right away, instead of letting the lie grow.

“I have Vascular Ehlers disease which affects your blood and collagen which is what makes my stomach swell and haemorrahage. I should have corrected people but it had gone too far and I couldn’t get myself out of it.”

Kevin Davies is one member of Preston North End that visited Moon in the hospital. He feels horrible for falling for the lie, but admitted that Moon’s lie saddened him because he lost both of his parents to cancer.

” ‘Lost both my parents to cancer within 3 months,’ he wrote. ‘I’m not easily shocked and love helping people but incidents like this makes it harder.’ “

Moon has apologized for her horrible lie, admitting that she was wrong.

“All I can do is sincerely apologise from the bottle of my heart – it’s not a nice thing to do to people. I would just like to say I am truly sorry for not saying it is not terminal cancer.”

Linda Moon has stated she will return all of the signed memorabilia she received and hopes for forgiveness from the team.

[Photo Courtesy: Mirror U.K.]

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