Skinnygirl Assistant Speaks Out: What Is It Like To Work For Bethenny Frankel?

The Skinnygirl business has grown over the years — and it all started with a simple idea. The Skinnygirl cocktail was born while Bethenny Frankel was filming The Real Housewives of New York with Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, and Jill Zarin years ago. Frankel simply had an idea for a cocktail that wasn’t loaded with sugars and artificial flavors. Her business has grown tremendously, and Skinnygirl is now a well-known brand.

When Bethenny launched Skinnygirl, it was just Frankel and her assistant, Julie Plake. On an episode of Bethenny Ever After, Julie announced that she would be leaving Skinnygirl behind to move back to Pittsburgh to settle down with her long-time partner, Drew. But Frankel kept pushing her business and she hired a brand new team of assistants.

According to a new Bravo report, one of Frankel’s Skinnygirl assistants is now speaking out about what it is like to work for Frankel. Julie once revealed that it was just crazy to work for the business mogul, and it sounds like things have not changed for the current assistant.

“The hardest part about working for Bethenny is no two days are the same,” her executive assistant, Meghan Herd, has revealed, adding, “You have to always anticipate that she may want a massage or has she gotten a manicure, she has an appearance tonight. What does she need to be successful and fully prepared—just really trying to think for her.”

And this Skinnygirl founder is very busy, as she is currently on a book signing tour around the world. And one can imagine that her tour bus is packed with Skinnygirl products. Bethenny also has a personal stylist, so she can look good at book signings and Skinnygirl-related events.

“Things come up all the time for Bethenny,” her stylist, Julia Kitziger, reveals, adding, “Her schedule’s tentative so I need to be alert and know her schedule as it’s changing. What she needs, when she needs it, is there at all times. Bethenny likes people who work really hard. Whatever you’re doing, you have to do it like it is the only job you have ever done.”

According to the Inquisitr, she does share a lot about her private life on the show, except her daughter and her new boyfriends. On The Real Housewives of New York, Frankel is often aggressive with her co-stars, so many are wondering how she is as a boss. It sounds like she does show her aggressive side in the Skinnygirl office.

“We get tough love, but at the end of the day, Bethenny always has our best interest at heart. She’s supportive, but she teaches a lot,” her Skinnygirl assistant reveals, adding, “There are times to be professional and there are times to kick your feet up and have fun.”

What do you think about Bethenny as the boss of Skinnygirl?

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