Channing Tatum Wears Old Man Disguise To ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Screening

Channing Tatum recently went undercover at a Magic Mike XXL screening. To the surprise of many fans, Tatum showed up to the screening as an old man.

According to E!, Tatum showed up as part of his Omaze offer. The foundation raising platform offered a chance for a friend and a Magic Mike fan to go to the premiere and the after party.

The Omaze platform that benefitted the Runa Foundation stated, “Ride in Channing Tatum’s Motorcade to the Premiere of Magic Mike XXL.”

The summary stated as follows.

“Ready to get back to the grind? I’m rounding up the boys for the premiere of Magic Mike XXL and you and a friend are heading out to Hollywood to join us. You’ll kick things off with a day at a luxury spa, followed by a tux or gown fitting before hopping in my motorcade for our grand arrival on the red carpet. We’ll snap some selfies with the cast, check out Magic Mike XXL before anyone else, and then afterwards, you and I are headed to the exclusive after party. And yes … there will be dancing. See you in Hollywood.”

Channing Tatum filmed the whole experience as he dressed up as an old man to the premiere. Tatum donned prosthetics, a wig, and makeup to transform into his disguise. In the video, he said, “To give you a little preview, we’ve gathered an unsuspecting group of Magic Mike fans and we’re going to show them the movie in 3D. Now, to give the fans the best show possible, I’m gonna go undercover and make sure that that happens.”

In a Southern accent, Tatum told the camera, “We’re about to go in and we’re about to tell them that they’re about to get a 3D experience. It can’t get any more real than this.”

Once he transformed into his disguise, “Scott Hasley” from Harley Marketing Solutions, Tatum took in his appearance and laughed, saying, “I’m the most terrifying marketing exec ever.”

Prior to the screening, Channing took to the mic to ask fans some questions as Scott Hasley. Channing, aka Scott, asked, “You saw the first one?” When one of the fans said, “part of it,” he said, “You just fast forwarded right to the dance parts?”

Just before the screening started, Channing, as Scott, got in on some dance moves as the theater played a Flo Rida song. Then the real fun began as strippers came out and Channing gave someone a lap dance dressed up as an old man.

When his identity was revealed, fans were kicking themselves. “I’m just, like, mad at myself that I didn’t recognize him. Oh, my God!”

Watch the hilarious video below.

[Image via Omaze]

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