Kathryn Calhoun Back With Thomas Ravenel, Goes After Landon On Twitter

Kathryn Calhoun has been keeping a low profile this season, as she has been fighting for her family. Kathryn wasn’t planning on her family falling apart while filming Southern Charm, and she had no idea that Thomas Ravenel would put politics before her and their daughter Kensington. On the season finale, Kathryn gave it her best shot to save her relationship. And last night, fans got their answer as to how that worked out.

Kathryn Calhoun decided to tweet with her fans last night as the Southern Charm reunion was airing. Calhoun often keeps to herself on social media, and she doesn’t really use Twitter or Instagram to share her thoughts. So when the reunion was airing last night, Kathryn felt it was time to set the record straight.

According to a new tweet, Kathryn Calhoun is now revealing that she is back together with Thomas Ravenel. The two had been watching the reunion show together. And this is surprising to some, but not to others as they do have a daughter together.

But there was something else that came out on Twitter. It is no secret that Kathryn Calhoun and Landon Clements had a little blowout during Thomas’ election party, as Kathryn told Landon to leave the party. She even flipped off the camera. Apparently, things have gotten worse between the ladies, and Calhoun claims that there is a lot that viewers don’t know about this Southern Charm newbie.

“Wait so Kathryn, what were we supposed to find out about Landon tonight? Did I miss something? #SouthernCharm,” one follower wrote, which had Kathryn Calhoun reply back, “a lot! Tweet at Bravo because my contract hates me.”

But it sounds like Kathryn got everything she wanted in the end, as she is back together with Thomas. According to the Inquisitr, Kathryn Calhoun has no regrets, either, even though there were rumors of cheating. And he has no plans of entering politics once again, which must be a joy for Calhoun. In fact, his daughter Kensington is his top priority.

“I love politics, interacting with people and the challenge of creating solid changes in the government,” Ravenel revealed about his life, adding, “However, if I do get the urge to run again I am going to start flushing 100 dollar bills down the toilet until the urge passes. As far as future career plans, I will continue to develop real-estate, and keep my main focus on my daughter.”

What do you think of Kathryn Calhoun’s tweet about them being back together?

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