Amber Portwood Talks Drinking and Relationship, Admits Gary’s Girlfriend Is ‘Great’ With Leah

Amber Portwood shocked fans when she revealed that she was dating a new, much older, man. The reality show star had recently been released from prison and has been working on getting her life back in order so there is no doubt that she deserves to be happy. However, the fact that things between her and her now fiancé have moved so quickly stunned fans. The fact that he is over two decades older than her doesn’t help matters, either. Despite the reservations that fans and people close to Amber may have about her relationship, the young mom insists that she is happy.

On the Teen Mom OG reunion, Amber was pressed with questions about her relationship and sobriety and she ended up walking off the stage. A recovering addict, Amber’s recent alcohol consumption was brought into question, as was Matt’s alleged anger while under the influence of alcohol. Amber Portwood admitted that alcohol isn’t really her thing and that her dad’s alcohol related death plays a part in that. However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Amber admitted to drinking wine on certain occasions.

According to US Weekly, an angry Matt punched a wall in Las Vegas while drinking. While this would be troublesome to most people, Amber isn’t too concerned, mainly because she says he has not had a drink since the incident. Amber was adamant that she is happy with Matt.

“I know it’s hard for people to understand mine and Matt’s relationship and I get it, but the thing that matters is we’re happy.”

One thing that is definitely over is any romantic relationship with Gary Shirley. Although they share a daughter together, they will never be back together and Amber seems to be okay with that. Not only that, but she admits that Gary’s current girlfriend, Kristina, is actually good with Leah. This is huge progress as this season of Teen Mom OG showed Amber not even wanting to be around Gary’s girlfriend. Amber did go to the hospital when their baby was born and explained how she feels about Kristina now.

“I think I literally just got over it. Plus, she’s great with Leah. I didn’t have a reason [to dislike her] anymore.”

Although her life hasn’t been perfect since getting out of prison, it seems obvious that Amber Portwood is working hard to move past the person she was before. The fact that she no longer has dislike for Kristina is huge and although some question her romantic relationship with Matt, she appears to be happy.

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