‘Bad Moms’ Loses Judd Apatow And Leslie Mann

How bad is it for a movie when its producer and one of its stars leave the project on the same day? That is the question the people behind the upcoming film, Bad Moms, will have to be asking themselves after Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann both announced they were done with the film.

The married couple had seemed as though they were excited to be a part of Bad Moms, in no small part because it was being written by the same duo that helmed The Hangover. The departure of both Mann and Apatow has to also have fans wondering, “how bad is it?” The answer to that question appears to be that Bad Moms is not a bad film, but the pair simply couldn’t fit filming into their incredibly busy schedules. Deadline reports both Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow’s schedule was such a tight squeeze that Bad Moms would have had to get underway on July 12.

So how bad is it now that these two have departed the project? We’ll just have to wait and see. Bad Moms was something that the studio was certainly excited about, but some of that excitement was obviously tied to Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann being tied to the picture. Certainly, Mann is an actress who certainly could have pulled off the character of a bad mom with comedic brilliance that was still very understated. Apatow is someone who knows how to get that kind of performance from his wife in almost every film they work on together.

Leslie Mann was even able to make her character work in The Other Woman, which was widely panned as being a film full of unlikeable characters. This is the reason something like Bad Moms seems tailor made for the actress. ScreenCrush says that Paramount pictures is still working to find a new producer and lead actress for Bad Moms, and also gives us a synopsis of the film where Leslie Mann was slated to play an “overworked and exhausted mother who joins forces with two other ‘bad moms’ to challenge the helicopter parents that rule over their kids’ school.”

The shooting for the project will obviously be pushed back now that Leslie Mann is no longer attached to Bad Moms. It doesn’t appear the makers of the film will be able to answer the question “how bad is it?” until they see who will replace Mann and Judd Apatow.

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