Ryan Edwards Doing “Much Better”: Maci Bookout Doesn’t “Hate His Guts” Anymore

Ryan Edwards and Maci Bookout typically have a tumultuous way of co-parenting. The two, who share six-year-old Bentley, have never really gotten along and that has made trying to co-parent for their son difficult. In fact, their lack of communication was even shown on the new season of Teen Mom OG when the two tried to schedule a meeting time for Ryan to pick up Bentley.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in a scene, Maci calls Ryan and tells him to meet her to pick up Bentley at a certain time. Maci and her boyfriend, Talyor, arrive at the meeting place with Bentley on time, but Ryan is nowhere to be found. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, Maci waits for a while, but when Ryan Edwards doesn’t show, she calls him and lets him know she is taking Bentley to Ryan’s parents house. Ryan showed up shortly after Maci’s phone call, but she had already left. Making matters worse was Bentley’s disappointment and the fact that he said his dad was “always late.”

However, that was a few months ago, and it looks like communication between the two may be getting better. According to US Weekly, on the Teen Mom OG reunion, Maci talked about, not only her pregnancy, but also her co-parenting relationship with Ryan Edwards and revealed that he is doing “much better.”

“He’s doing, in my opinion, much better than he ever has. There’s not tension here like there used to be. I don’t hate his guts, like I used to. He doesn’t think I’m the devil, or at least I think he doesn’t.”

Although Ryan Edwards doesn’t open up much on the show, while talking to Dr. Drew on the reunion special, he was asked about Farrah Abraham’s venture into the adult entertainment business. That was an issue that nearly pushed Maci Bookout to quit the show. Although she decided to stay, she did pull her son from filming with MTV. When asked how he felt about Maci’s decision, he agreed with his ex, further showing that the two co-parent better these days.

“I think if MTV is going to do a TV show on preventing having kids, why bring someone back that is gonna do a porn or sell their artificial body part on the Internet?”

Ryan Edwards’ relationship with Shelby Woods was shown on the most recent season of Teen Mom OG. However, the father of one is now single and doesn’t appear to be jumping into anything anytime soon. Maci, on the other hand, is enjoying life with her family. She recently gave birth to a baby girl and has been enjoying taking care of her kids.

MTV has not revealed if there will be another season of Teen Mom OG. It is no secret that filming isn’t Ryan Edwards thing to do, but if another season happens, he could return if Maci decides to. However, it is unclear if they would continue to not allow their son to be filmed.

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