Viral Video: Mom Stands Up To Racist Couple Who Call Her ‘N-Word’ In Front Of Her Daughter

A video is going viral this week that appears to show another example of how flagrant racism remains a problem in America, even in 2015. In this video, an African-American woman confronts a couple who she says bumped her car in an Amory, Mississippi, Walmart parking lot — only to have the white man call her a “a stupid-ass f*****g n****r” to her face.

In fact, the couple hurls the hateful racial insult at the woman right in front of her daughter, who apparently is the one recording the whole disturbing episode on her phone.

Be warned, the video — which is viewable above — contains not only racist epithets but repeated uses of profanity.

The daughter seems to be upset and a bit scared, attempting to pull her mom away from the confrontation, but the rightly offended woman doesn’t let it go, confronting the couple about their own racist behavior.

The incident as captured on the video starts when the woman who believes that her vehicle has been bumped by the couple approaches them to find out what happened, as likely happens in parking lots all over America on a daily basis.

But this incident immediately takes an ugly turn when the man, rather that cooperating or even simply arguing back, attacks the woman verbally in the most racist way possible.

“You’re just a stupid-ass f*****g n****r lookin’ to get some money,” the man says.

Obviously stunned and taken aback, the woman accuses the man of having “a chip on your shoulder that says I’m a n****r.”

Rather than apologize, the man mocks her.

“What’s the difference in me sayin’ it and you sayin’ it?” the gentleman asks, with his wife adding, “You call yourselves that.”

“Is there something wrong with you?” the shocked mom asks back. Then, after a few more brief exchanges, as the man simply stands there puffing on a cigarette, the mom tells him, “If I was anything like the way I used to be, Fat Boy, I would kick you dead in your funky ass nuts.”

She then follows up by telling the man he is “a prejuduced, racist-ass motherf****r.”

To which he replies, “So are you.”

But the mom seems to have the most profound insight into the situation, telling her frightened daughter, “Baby, there is something wrong with him. He’s got a chip on his shoulder. He’s fat and he’s homely.”

It has become popular in recent years for certain television commentators and politicians to declare that racism no longer exists in the United States. But the parking lot viral video is only the latest in a series of videos showing white Americans using the “n-word” directly in the faces of their fellow Americans, who happen to be black.

In the video at this link, a white woman receives a painful comeuppance from a man she repeatedly calls the racist term. And even more shocking, in the video at this link, a seven-year-old boy calls a man “n-word” to his face.

[Image: YouTube Screen Capture]