Despite Lacking Military Training, Actor Michael Enright Has Joined The Fight Against ISIS – Knows He May Not Return Alive [Video]

For British actor Michael Enright, having no formal military training isn’t a reason to stay back and watch the atrocities being committed by ISIS. The man, who has just wielded weapons which are just props on movie sets and sitcom recordings, is out on the front-line fighting the jihadist belonging to the Islamic State or ISIS.

Fifty-one-year-old British-born actor Michael Enright says he is sick to the bone watching the large-scale barbaric acts being committed on a daily basis by the members of ISIS. So he decided to pack a small carry-on and headed straight to the heart of the conflict. The actor, with no formal training on handling and discharging weapons, is firing hundreds of rounds from the trusty Soviet era Kalashnikov.

He lives, breathes and fights with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, also known as the YPG. It seems the man has been born again as now-a-days he goes by the name Mustafa Michael Ali on the front lines of the fight against the Islamic State. Though this might seem dramatic, having a local-sounding name might help the actor blend in and ensure the ISIS doesn’t launch an offensive to target him specifically.

Though ISIS militants have a weakness for western junk food, they have a strong loathing about the western civilization and all its inhabitants. The terrorist faction has been targeting anything that has a western origin, including education. With no regard for human life or respect for a woman’s modesty, the ISIS has been committing large-scale crimes against the humanity and publicizing the same for almost a year.

When asked about his motivation to undertake such a suicidal mission, Enright said,

“ISIS, they need to be wiped off completely the face of this earth. They are a stain on humanity. This is a call on humanity to obliterate them.”

He says it was the brutal massacre of American journalist James Foley that was a turning point in his life,

“For me, the biggest regret of my life was not going to Afghanistan when 9/11 happened. The beheading videos brought out the same kind of feelings in me, and a real sense that I had a duty to America. I really feel a debt to the country. You know, they welcomed me with open arms. And then what added to it all was that it was an Englishman [Jihadi John], that he had an English accent. And I just, it just touched me personally, in a very deep way.”

Enright added that the last straw was the Islamic State’s video showing a Jordanian pilot being burned alive. If a 51-year-old actor like Michael Enright is fighting the ISIS in Syria, perhaps it is time for the countries with armed and trained soldiers to take action and stop the brutal killings.

[Image Credit | Facebook via The Daily Mail]

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