‘Supernatural’ Spoilers Confirm Jared Padalecki Will Return Next Season

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for season 11 of Supernatural.

Most fans of Supernatural are aware that, early in May, Jared Padalecki cancelled public appearances related to his role in the hit series Supernatural due to illness and a need to be close to family. This came shortly after Mr. Padalecki revealed an ongoing struggle with depression and mental illness, fueling rumors that Jared would not be returning for the new season of Supernatural.

Mr. Padalecki’s representative recently released a statement confirming that the Supernatural actor was already improving with the love and support of those close to him and that there was no reason to think Jared would not be returning to Supernatural.

“He’s doing better already and is excited about shooting Supernatural Season 11 this July. For now he’s taking a break, but is so appreciative of his fans, and sees and feels their love and support.”

Jensen Ackles proved he was every bit the brother to Jared that his Supernatural character is to Sam Winchester when he recently spoke up for Padalecki at a Supernatural convention.

“He’s a big guy with a big heart and sometimes he just doesn’t know when to stop giving himself and he gives himself a lot to what he does, he gives himself a lot to you guys and he gives himself a lot to his family, friends, work and his job. Sometimes you just need to get home and rest with your family. That’s what he’s doing.”

Confirmation of Jared Padalecki’s return to Supernatural opens the door for season 11 and the exciting cliffhanger that was left with Dean and Sam staring into a spreading darkness that threatened to consume the entire universe just as Death had forewarned. It seems like that darkness may be just what the result would have been if Sam hadn’t been able to lock Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) in his cage several seasons ago,and some Supernatural fans are predicting it will take the release of Lucifer and the archangel Michael to set the world right again.

What does this darkness mean to the plot of Supernatural? It seems obvious that the darkness will bring on chaos everywhere with everyone corrupted enough to make Demon Dean look like an angel, so to speak. Adding to this trauma is the absence of Death, which would logically mean that no one would be able to die until someone (Sammy?) puts on that ring and becomes the new Death angel. We know Dean can’t do it. He already tried it once in another season of Supernatural and failed miserably.

There is more speculation among Supernatural fans than fact this early in the break, so new spoilers will be revealed as the Supernatural cast begins filming in later weeks. What do you think, Supernatural fans? Is releasing Lucifer the only way to contain the darkness? And will Sammy take on Death’s role?

Supernatural will debut the season premiere in October on the CW network.

[Featured image: Jared Padalecki courtesy of Chris Frawley/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. via Getty Images]