Josh Duggar Molestation Scandal: Megyn Kelly Admits That She’ll Go Easy On The Duggars During Interview [Video]

Josh Duggar’s parents probably aren’t going to get grilled during their interview with Megyn Kelly — the Fox News host recently hinted that she’s going to take it easy on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. On Wednesday, Megyn will talk to the 19 Kids and Counting stars about Josh Duggar’s admission that he sexually molested five young girls, including four of his own sisters.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Megyn Kelly was the lucky journalist who scored the first post-scandal interview with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. It will take place at the Duggar’s Arkansas home, and it will air Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET on the Fox News Channel.

According to Mediaite, Megyn Kelly recently talked about the interview, and it doesn’t sound like she’s going to ask Jim Bob and Michelle any hard-hitting questions about what Josh Duggar did to his female siblings a little over a decade ago. Judging from what Megyn said, she’s going to let the Duggars do most of the talking, and she isn’t going to push them if they try to deflect any tough questions by talking about forgiveness, God, prayer, etc.

“This isn’t going to be a cross-examination of a family. It’s going to be an interview. I want to hear their story. And I think America wants to hear their story now,” Megyn said during a Fox News preview of her interview with Josh Duggar’s parents.

Megyn’s “cross-examination” comment was in response to a clip of the ladies of The View speculating that The Kelly File host won’t go easy on the Duggars — they described Megyn as being a “tough” interviewer. However, it sounds like Megyn is going to let Josh Duggar’s parents tell her a “story,” and she probably won’t question that story. As 19 Kids and Counting viewers have learned, the Duggars are very good at spoon-feeding their fans fairy tales — their real life is obviously not as perfect as they make it out to be on TLC.

Megyn Kelly went on to admit that she knows little about the Duggars, but she hinted that she’s definitely on their side by using a “but Bill Clinton” defense. She brought up old accusations about Clinton while trying to defend Republican presidential candidates who have been photographed with admitted child abuser Josh Duggar.

“Bill Clinton was accused of rape. He has been accused by several women of sexually assaulting them,” Kelly said in an interview preview. “But the fact that a presidential candidate has posed with some random member of the family that’s going through this issue is somehow a problem for the GOP’ers?”

The Duggars haven’t just been photographed with GOP presidential candidates — they’ve also supported them and received their support. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Mike Huckabee actually defended Josh Duggar in a very lengthy Facebook post after the family endorsed him for president. You’d think Megyn Kelly would know this, considering the fact that Huckabee used to be a Fox News host.

The Duggars campaigned for Rick Santorum in 2012, and he also expressed his support for the family last November during an interview with LifeSiteNews. He was upset that LGBT activists were trying to get 19 Kids and Counting cancelled because Michelle Duggar had compared transgender women to child predators in a robocall. Now Duggar critics are calling Michelle a hypocrite for making these comments after she allowed an actual child predator to live with his victims in her own home.

“Karen and I have gotten to know the Duggar family, particularly Michelle and Jim Bob, personally over the last few years and have been inspired by their amazing family,” Rick Santorum told LifeSiteNews. “They are a wonderful family, and Karen and I support them and encourage folks to stand with the Duggars against these ridiculous attacks from the left.”

Megyn Kelly is about to interview Josh Duggar’s parents, and she seems clueless about just how strong Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s ties to GOP presidential candidates actually are — or maybe she’s just pretending like she’s clueless. You can check out her interview preview below.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Fox News Channel wasn’t very interested in the Josh Duggar molestation scandal before Megyn Kelly scored an interview with Josh’s parents. Between the dates of May 21 and May 24, both CNN and MSNBC dedicated about an hour’s worth of airtime to the Josh Duggar scandal. Fox News spent just over one minute on the controversy.

In the video above, Megyn compares other outlet’s coverage of the scandal to a “feast” on a “carcass.” She goes on to state that “nothing is off limits” right before saying that she won’t ask the Duggars for “specific details of what was done.” She also says that no one should be looking at the police report that In Touch Weekly obtained because it never should have been released. However, if it hadn’t been released, she never would have scored her big interview with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Do you think Megyn will go too easy on Jim Bob and Michelle, and do you think Josh Duggar also needs to answer for what he did instead of expecting his parents to speak for him?

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