‘The Whispers’ Teaches Us To Beware The Children [Video]

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the premiere of The Whispers.

Yes, that’s right. We’re once again being reminded that creepy things come in small packages, as the ABC drama The Whispers plans to prove week after week. A new series starring former American Horror Story actress Lily Rabe, The Whispers, which is set in Washington D.C., follows parents forced to deal with a disturbing threat against and from their children. Rabe will play F.B.I. child specialist Claire Bennigan, responsible for investigating the threat on The Whispers.

The villain in The Whispers is an entity named Drill, who is trying to convince the children to murder their mothers. E! Online reported that one scene involves an unsuspecting mother being lured out into her child’s treehouse. Such a shame, but she should have known something was up when she was told to stand on that red X. Right?

“It’s so terrifying and it’s so delicate because you want your kids to have imaginary friends if they have imaginary friends,” Ms. Rabe said. “You want them to have – it’s the most incredible thing about what it is to be a child and sort of what we’re chasing all the time as actors too, but if then… if you realize that what’s getting [in] is threatening your child, that’s a whole other thing.”

In case you missed the series premiere, take a look at the teaser for The Whispers.

The Whispers asks one of the most trouble questions a parent can ponder: What if your child’s imaginary friend is not quite so imaginary?

“It’s the idea of anybody or anything getting its viewpoint across. Unpoliced access to your child, I think is terrifying,” Revenge alum Barry Sloane, who has been cast in The Whispers as Wes Lawrence, said in an interview with Access Hollywood.

Milo Ventimiglia, who recently guest starred on Gotham as Jason Lennon A.K.A. The Ogre, has also been added to the cast. Ventimiglia plays John Doe on The Whispers and says that the parents will be trying to do the impossible, as they try to convince their children to stop listening to the entity.

“These are their friends and they’re gonna give them rewards and things that these kids desperately, desperately want.”

Ms. Rabe said that, although there is a very disturbing mystery at the core of The Whispers, viewers won’t wait all season to get answers.

“You don’t spend the whole season not knowing what’s going on. And things happen very quickly,” Lily added.

The Whispers airs Monday nights on ABC.

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