How Did We Ever Survive Before Pinterest Made Everything So Beautiful?

Before Pinterest was invented, people had to do their decision making the boring way — trial and error. Now, decorating, birthday parties, garden design, having a baby, and all those other things you never thought you loved, like mustaches and the color seafoam, are only a Pinterest search away. Here are some ways in which life has changed since Pinterest came along and made everything look just so absolutely gorgeous.

Pinterest inspired birthday parties are epic. In the 90s, if you managed to convince your parents to throw you a birthday party, you bought a pad of invites and sent them out. End of coordination. You used newspaper to wrap the parcel and your party food was decided on what ever was cheap and in vogue at the time. Now, thanks to Pinterest, your party spectacular starts with selecting your color scheme and theme and ends with food, games, and party favors all matching. Oh, and you think you are getting a packet mix cake or one ordered from the local bakery? Think again. With Pinterest, cake selection becomes an adventure as well as educational as parents can learn just how time consuming icing pipping really is and how hard it is to find licorice straps that can be cut up for cake edging.

Pinterest Hair screenshot

Changing your style means you need to create a Pinterest board first. Remember going to the salon and flipping through the glossy magazines? Or taking along a picture of Jennifer Aniston you had clipped from your own magazine at home? The stylist would cut your hair, color it, and you walked out a whole new person in just one afternoon. With Pinterest, a change now revolves around creating a Pinterest board about your potential change. Next, you pin as many Pinterest gorgeous images as you can to it, each helping to sculpt and design a whole new you. While you may just be thinking about whether to cut bangs or not, you might as well have a look at new hair colors, jewelry, clothes, and makeup ideas on Pinterest while you’re at it. After all, that ponytail you’ve been sporting for six years now won’t look any good with your dated wardrobe choices now that you have found your perfect Pinterest hairstyle!

Home design is your second job thanks to Pinterest. Want to paint the kitchen a new color? But how will the rest of the house feel being all dusty and outdated? While you may think a simple change from off-white to sunflower yellow means you have merely painted your walls, with Pinterest it also means you need to match the rest of the house to the new color. And Pinterest-sighted knick knacks must be pinned along with your dream kitchen as if you had all the money in the world to spend on it, rather than just enough to cover paint and a new tablecloth. Not to mention you will probably want to have a go at those cute napkins you saw while scrolling through Pinterest. Or perhaps you might glue some shells on mason jars and fill them with sand to sit on the DIY shelf you just pinned now that you have changed your mind from sunflower yellow to seafoam. After all, beach houses seem to be all the rage on Pinterest this week.

Pinterest crafts screenshot

You’re having a baby? Better create a Pinterest board about it! Since you had your last child, so much has changed. Baby announcements need to be made using creative ideas like photographing your child with a certificate announcing they have just been granted big brother privileges. Or perhaps you might want to announce the sex of your baby by releasing color appropriate balloons? How about a family photo of the event? Pinterest can help you with all your creative baby ideas.

But what about when your child is born? Pinterest can help you there as well. Remember when children were sent outside to play and they had to invent play ideas themselves? Well, thanks to Pinterest, children don’t need to do boring stuff like that anymore. With the click of your mouse, parents can be pinning awesome play ideas from Pinterest that are age appropriate and gorgeous enough that you will want to photograph their efforts and pin it straight back onto Pinterest to show all the other shabby parents out there just how it is done! It’s thanks to all this Pinterest-inspired parenting guilt that working parents are now spending more time with their children today than stay-at-home parents did a generation ago.

And now Pinterest is planning to add “Action buttons” to their platform. These buttons, which are at a design stage rather than a roll out stage, will help pinners to make purchases via Pinterest rather than having to leave the site. And we all know what that means — more pinning!

How has Pinterest changed your life? What have you pinned recently from Pinterest? What do you love (or hate) the most about Pinterest? Let us know by commenting below!

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