Kandi Burruss Defends Carmon Cambrice, Says They’re Like Oprah and Gayle

Is Kandi Burruss and her friend/assistant Carmon Cambrice the new Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King? On Monday, a day after the second episode of Kandi’s Ski Trip aired, Kandi posted a lengthy Instagram post in which she defended Carmon.

Kandi agreed with her mom Mama Joyce’s opinion that Kandi and Carmon have a strong and enduring friendship like that of Oprah and Gayle. Kandi wrote that Carmon’s friendship was worth the time it took Carmon to get adjusted to her job as her assistant. The accompanying photo shows Kandi and Carmon posing together while filming the spin-off show.

“My mom said @camcambi & I are like Gail & @Oprah.#RealFriendship we’ve been friends over 28yrs. Yeah, it took a minute for her to get adjusted to the assistant life but having a ride or die friend that has your back a 110% is worth the time it took for her to get adjusted to the job.”

Kandi likely felt the need to defend Carmon because of all the backlash and negative comments that viewers have unleashed on Carmon. Unfortunately for Kandi and Carmon, practically all of the comments so far in response to Kandi’s latest post said that she still needs to fire Carmon as her assistant because she’s lazy.

Carmon Cambrice’s work as an assistant came under fire on Sunday night’s episode of Kandi’s Ski Trip. Kandi Burruss herself blew up at Carmon after Carmon asked her if she ever tells anyone that she does a great job.

“I mean, up until recently, I didn’t think you was great at what you do. I mean lately, things have been stepping up. But to me for a long time you wasn’t the best assistant I’ve ever had. When I say the thing about Matthew [Todd Tucker’s assistant], it’s the fact that he thinks ahead, like a lot of assistants that I’ve told you about that I’ve had in the past. They would be up before me, already have the things that they know I like already there waiting…You always have an attitude and that’s the other problem with you as an assistant!

At one group dinner, even Kandi’s teenage daughter, Riley, slammed Carmon, as well as Kandi’s manager DonJuan Clark, for being a hater who is simply jealous of Matthew Parrish, because he does a better job at being an assistant than she does.

“Can we stop being so rude? Just stop entertaining this. Because it’s annoying. They’re [DonJuan and Carmon] talking to him about how, they’re like being sarcastic and stuff and all, ‘Oh yeah you do your job.’ But at the same time they’re supposed to do the same thing that he does but he does it better. So they’re like being haters.”

Matthew Parrish seems to definitely think that Kandi Burruss should fire Carmon Cambrice and replace her with him. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after Kandi’s Ski Trip aired, Matthew revealed on social media that he’s still living in Los Angeles, but fans may see more of him if they can help him convince Kandi to hire him as her assistant.

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