‘San Andreas’ Brutally Savaged On Social Media: Is Movie A Cinematic Crime?

The earthquake disaster film San Andreas opened on Friday, and even though it made $53.2 million at the box office this past weekend, many movie viewers are calling the film one of the worst ever made. Twitter, which is usually brutal towards anything, pumped up the brutality to the 10th degree in savaging San Andreas.

Twitter was especially harsh on actor Dwayne Johnson. The consensus seems to be that he has a great body, but just can’t act his way out of a paper bag. A lot of people also ripped on the script, calling it a cliché of disaster movies. And then there were people from the San Fernando Valley who were hoping an earthquake would hit so they wouldn’t have to watch the film. Was it really that bad?

Mark Hughes from Forbes thought San Andreas was one huge disaster.

San Andreas, the new disaster film hitting theaters this weekend, brings plenty of visual effects in hopes audiences won’t notice that pretty much everything else that would make it worth watching is missing from the recipe.”

Chris Berg of the Emerald Daily Herald thought San Andreas was wonderfully stupid.

“This is a script ripe with cliches and dense with moments that left me laughing in stunned confusion.”

Berg goes on to criticize the dialogue, the standard special effects, and the fact that one could cut shots of this film into any other summer blockbuster. He refers to the film as “bland.” He isn’t the only one.

Commenters under website reviews also were vile towards the film. A guest commenter under Entertainment Weekly’s article about San Andreas taking over the box office ripped apart Dwayne Johnson.

“Dwayne Johnson looks like Zippy the Pinhead with Barbie breasts in the photo above. Could someone please explain his appeal,” the guest wrote without having the guts to give his or her real name or even a screen name.

Commenters on a San Andreas article at the movie site Deadline weren’t much kinder.

“‘San Andreas’ is quite possibly the worst disaster movie since 1979’s ‘Beyond the Poseidon Adventure.’ And that at least had Sally Field and Michael Caine! I can’t believe many of the same critics trashing Cameron Crowe’s wonderful (albeit imperfect) ‘Aloha’ are giving ‘SA’ a pat-on-the-back pass,” wrote commenter Frank Deniro.

To be fair, San Andreas does have some fans who claim that the movie is only a disaster if you take it too seriously. There are critics who describe the movie as “fun.” However, one shouldn’t expect a San Andreas sequel anytime soon.

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