Bravo Star Kim Richards Returns To Los Angeles, But Not To Rehab

Bravo star Kim Richards has finally arrived back to Los Angeles from Mexico. Although the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is back in town, the good news stops there, as the mother of four is reportedly refusing to continue on with treatment for her addiction issues.

Following her drunken arrest in April, the Bravo star spoke to Dr. Phil, admitting she relapsed months beforehand, and continued to drink in the months since. In addition to that, Richards claimed she smoked pot and used prescription drugs.

Days after the appearance, the Bravo star entered treatment at what was believed to be a sober living facility. Although there have been reports she was in rehab, the evidence of her having day visits outside of the facility appeared to confirm the program she signed up for was not an actual rehab. Either way, the Bravo star left the facility at the end of last month to attend daughter Brooke Brinson’s wedding, and was expected to return by last Monday, which she didn’t do.

Even now that the Bravo star has returned to the country, she has yet to reenter treatment, which has everyone worried sick.

On June 1, a source revealed the following to Radar Online.

“Kim came back from Cabo last week but is refusing to go back to rehab. She suffered a huge relapse at the wedding, and was mixing booze and pills. However, Kim is refusing to go back to rehab.

Kim has been in contact with sister’s Kyle and Kathy, but both siblings are obviously very concerned about her. There is only so much the family can do for Kim, and refusing to get help is a big obstacle.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Bravo star’s failure to return to rehab will reportedly cost her a possible plea deal in her upcoming case. While the D.A. had yet to announce the terms of Richards’ case, or a potential deal, a source told Radar Online that completing a rehabilitation program ahead of court would have worked in her favor in a major way.

“Kim would have had to successfully complete rehab, and the charges would have been dismissed. The Beverly Hills Hotel didn’t want to proceed with charges if Kim was getting help. With Kim relapsing, the deal is now on hold, and the DA will most likely want a much longer rehab stint in exchange for the charges being dropped.”

The Bravo star is due in court on June 11.

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