Caitlyn Jenner Spells Her Name With A ‘C’ On Purpose, Twitter Reacts To Name, First Photo

Caitlyn Jenner specifically chose to spell her name with a “C” because she didn’t want anyone to think that she was trying to latch on to the Kardashian family in any way. According to TMZ, the name Caitlyn was chosen as Bruce Jenner’s new female moniker, but there was a conscious effort made to ensure that there wouldn’t be any additional confusion.

Caitlyn has waited several years to come out to the world, and to be her own person. The last thing she wanted was for someone to think that she was trying to be a Kardashian.

“Sources closely associated with Bruce tell us Caitlyn wants to make it clear to her family and the world… she is her own person. That sounds obvious, but we’re told it was an extremely meaningful choice for her… she has never been her own person before, and becoming part of the Kardashian brood would undermine her goal.”

So far, people seem happy that Caitlyn is being spelled with a “C” instead of a “K.”

Caitlyn Jenner made her official debut on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine. The cover was released online today. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the 65-year-old father of six (not including his ex’s, Kris Jenner’s, four kids) is beyond thrilled to have the world see her.

“If I was lying on my deathbed and I had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying there saying, ‘You just blew your entire life,’ ” Caitlyn tells Vanity Fair.

Caitlyn Jenner has lived her life in hiding, dressing up as a man for so long. Now the world has seen her, and she can finally start to feel at peace with her transition. You can read a preview to her Vanity Fair interview here.

What do you think of Caitlyn Jenner? Do you like her name? Are you glad it’s not spelled with a “C”?

[Photo by Michael Buckner / Getty Images]

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