Katy Perry’s Feud With Taylor Swift Wages On, Singer Hangs Out With Lorde & Ellie Goulding

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are in alleged feud right now. That doesn’t mean Taylor’s friends have to take sides, though. Both Swifties and Katy Cats went into crisis mode this weekend when an innocent photo of a celebrity bash went viral. It looks like Katy was hanging out with some of Taylor’s famous friends.

Ellie Goulding took to Instagram to share the photo. She told her fans that she didn’t remember what happened at the party because she was too intoxicated to remember. Nice cover, Goulding. The photo featured Lorde in a red dress acting like the dancing emoji. Both Lorde and Goulding were photographed with Katy Perry, who’s also Swift’s archenemy at the moment.


Both Lorde and Ellie Goulding took to Twitter to explain what happened at the party that involved Katy Perry, of all people.

There’s an alleged feud between Katy and Taylor. The “Bad Blood” singer opened up the floodgates when she passively aggressively called out Katy for stealing three of her backup dancers for her tour in an interview with Rolling Stone. There are also rumors swirling that Katy and Taylor are feuding over John Mayer. Katy’s been dating John on and off since 2012.

It’s not every day that Swifties and Katy Cats agree on everything. Both fan groups believe that Swift wrote “Bad Blood” about Perry. She even created a music video that hit back at the “Dark Horse” singer. On top of that, Goulding was featured in the “Bad Blood” music video. It doesn’t help matters that both of Swift’s best friends were hanging out with Perry.

Both Ellie and Lorde have deleted the photo from their Instagram accounts with no reason as to why. Was it due to the meltdown from Katy and Taylor’s fans? Was it because Taylor wasn’t happy they partied with Katy? Maybe Taylor’s “Taygency” were upset at the photo, thinking it was the ultimate betrayal.

Does that mean it’s the end of Lorde’s friendship with Taylor Swift? Some Swifties joked that it’s the revenge Swift gets for making Lorde holding her shoe, as seen at one of Swift’s infamous parties a few months ago.


It’d be nice to see Katy and Taylor put their differences aside and get along. Maybe Taylor actually doesn’t care if her friends hang out with her archenemy after all. Maybe Taylor should retaliate by hanging out with Perry’s friend, Charli XCX. In an interview with Britain’s Fabulous magazine, the “Fancy” singer said she ended up in Katy’s bathroom after a long night of partying.

“I passed out in her toilet … I’d been out the night before because we’d finished a video shoot and I rolled straight to this barbecue and it was a bit of a nightmare. I had one drink and was like: ‘Oh God, game over!’ “

Perry was even honest about how Charli looked that night, as a friend should be.

“No, thank God, but she did say to me: ‘You looked really terrible earlier.’ I was like: ‘Thanks. You can count on me, Katy.’ It’s fair to say I made a great, solid impression.”

Swift would be the type told hold Charli’s hand as she vomited in the toilet. On the other hand, Swift may be fine with the incident. The singer hasn’t responded about Goulding and Lorde’s mysterious Instagram photo. Swift is busy traveling and performing on her 1989 World Tour, where she recently featured her other BFFs and fellow models, Martha Hunt and Gigi Hadid.

What are your thoughts on Ellie Goulding and Lorde’s photo with Katy Perry? Do you think Taylor Swift should care if they hung out with her archenemy? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS]

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