Becca Tilley On Chris Soules Split: ‘It’s A Struggle No Matter The Situation’

Becca Tilley has been keeping a low profile since she was sent home from the farm in Iowa on the Bachelor finale last year. Tilley admitted to Chris Soules that she wasn’t ready to take the leap, especially when there was an engagement and possibly marriage on the line. Many viewers felt that Soules really wanted to choose Tilley in the finale, but he decided to go with the safer pick, Whitney Bischoff.

Since the finale, many people questioned Chris’ decision and wondered if he would be dumping Whitney and choosing Becca Tilley once again. And this has been the main speculation since Soules announced his split from Whitney last week. But Becca isn’t exactly planning on getting back with him, and she shared her honest thoughts in an interview this weekend.

According to a new People report, Becca Tilley feels bad for the couple as they could not make the romance work. But Tilley does blame the Bachelor experience and perhaps his stint on Dancing with the Stars for the broken relationship. It is tough to come out of such a fame bubble and then settling down on the farm.

“I think coming out of that bubble it’s a struggle no matter the situation,” Becca Tilley revealed in an interview, adding, “I don’t think you can ever expect it because you want it to work out.”

Tilley admitted that she had not seen the end of the engagement coming, but wasn’t surprised either. It tends to be a trend with Bachelor couples. Once the show is over, the romance hits real life and contestants realize that they are not perfectly matched. Plus, Becca Tilley added that she did root for the couple even though she was dumped during the finale. People tend to forget that Tilley actually became great friends with Whitney and wanted the best for her.

“People are like, ‘Wait, you were her competition.’ When it’s all said and done, she was my friend and he’s such a good guy. I wanted it to be a happy ending, but I think they’re both sort of bummed,” Becca adds, revealing that she is not going back on television to find love.

According to the Inquisitr, Becca has no plans of getting back with him. While Tilley is speaking out now, Chris Soules and Whitney have been keeping low profiles. Soules posted a sweet message to his supporters last week on Twitter, adding that it had been a painful split for him.

“I can’t thank you all enough for the kind messages over the past few days,” he revealed on Twitter, adding, “This has been really tough and your support means a lot to me.”

What do you think of Becca Tilley’s comments?

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