Leonardo DiCaprio Embarrassed By ‘Titanic’ Performance

Leonardo DiCaprio’s role in Titanic made him a household name but that doesn’t mean that the star is exactly proud of his work. DiCaprio, now 37, said that he was embarrassed about his performance in the movie and called himself a “little punk.”

The man who brought Jack Dawson to life wasn’t able to make it out to the premiere in London but Cameron said that he recently gave his star a screening of the 3D version of the classic movie.

“I wish Leo could be here but he’s shooting a film. It would have been great for Leo to be here, to be part of the celebrations. I didn’t show him the whole film but I showed him 18 minutes of it a few months ago. It was a good reunion for us but great to watch his reaction. He couldn’t believe it. He said to me, ‘I’m such a young punk. Look at me.’ He was practically crawling under the seat. It was a good moment,” Cameron said.

But that doesn’t mean that DiCaprio wasn’t happy to be in the movie. The star said that Titanic was the movie that gave him control of his career. After starring in the blockbuster DiCaprio had the opportunity to pick and choose his roles.

“It changed my life in a lot of ways, but at the same time, I can’t say that it didn’t give me opportunities. It made me, for the first time, in control of my career.”

DiCaprio isn’t the only star who was embarrassed by “Titanic.” Kate Winslet also said that she was nervous to re-watch the film. But Winslet wasn’t ashamed of her performance, she was just nervous about having her naked body back up on the big screen, and in 3D.

“I’m not going to look, I’ll be in the bar by that point. Or on the floor,” Winslet said of her nude scene.

Are you happy that “Titanic” is coming back to the big screen?

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