Father’s Day Gift Cards: Finding The Perfect Gift For Dad

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s a good time to start looking for gifts for Dad. With the Starbucks and Woolworth’s gift card scandals, it’s a good idea to look past gift cards and consider finding other options for gifts. Although shopping for Dad may not be as easy as shopping for Mom, there are still some simple ideas for finding the right gift for Dad that he will appreciate.

Eric Garland, a father of two, told USA Today that the lack of hoopla around the holiday may make it a factor in buying gifts for Dad.

“There’s less of an emotional hoopla around Father’s Day traditionally, because men were considered more self-reliant. We don’t expect a lot, frankly. We don’t ask for it? that goes to the image of men as the strong, silent provider who don’t need the open emotional support and affirmation of even those who are closest to them, which are their families. But I think that’s changing.”

To find the perfect gift for Dad, start with what he likes. If he has eclectic tastes, then consider a bottle of his favorite Scotch or if he smokes, a new pipe or some nice cigars. If Dad is the outdoor type, then maybe a new barbecue is in order unless he already has one. Then maybe it’s time to consider buying him new utensils or gadgets to use with his grill.

Sometimes gift cards may be the answer, particularly if Dad enjoys a good meal or likes to travel. June is a great time of year for both restaurant deals and Caribbean vacations, so if you can afford it, and it’s something your Dad would enjoy, consider one of these two options for a gift. The best part is that it is a gift that can be enjoyed by all the family, making special memories for Dad.

Gym memberships are also a bargain this time of year, and so if Dad enjoys going to the gym, look for a gym membership. Gift cards are an option here, which makes it easy to buy, and you can give your Dad a chance to try out the latest fitness centers in your area, according to the Times Free Press.

If Dad is tech savvy and enjoys electronics, consider giving him the latest gadgets. For Dads who love video games, an XBox One is a gift he is sure to enjoy. A bluetooth thermometer is a great gift if Dad is into grilling, and these gifts are fun. Look beyond the usual boring holiday gifts and gifts cards and consider getting your Dad something he wants. Gift cards are still an option, particularly if you know where your Dad likes to shop.

Will you give your Dad gift cards this year, or do you plan to be a bit more creative?

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