Ed Sheeran Claims ‘God Gave Me A Guitar To Help Me Get Laid’

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is renowned as the nice guy of pop. There is rarely a whiff of scandal around Sheeran, and he treats both friends and fans with the utmost respect. During a recent trip to Australia Sheeran even popped into the wedding of a couple of fans who had experienced difficult times to sing his unofficial wedding anthem “Thinking Out Loud” to them.

Ed split with his longtime girlfriend Athina Andrelos back in February, and it seems like Sheeran’s mates are keen to get him fixed up with a new lady. According to The Mirror, “Ed’s mates weren’t too keen on Athina and weren’t disappointed when they split.”

Ed has been linked with the likes of Ellie Goulding and model Barbara Palvin but it seems that Ed’s pals want to fix him up with an “ordinary” girl.

“His friends want to set him up with a new girl and have their eye on a few people they’ve mentioned to him but he’s very picky for obvious reasons. Ed doesn’t want a famous girlfriend, he just wants someone down to earth and normal to share his life with.”

There has been some speculation that Sheeran may be romantically involved with his friend Taylor Swift, something he has strenuously denied. Ed claims that he and Swift will only ever be friends and that she even acts as his “wing-man,” helping him to meet girls. According to the Daily Mail during a radio interview with The Breakfast Show, Sheeran even cheekily joked that he could never date Taylor because she is too tall for him.

During his Breakfast Show interview Sheeran was subjected to a barrage of potentially embarrassing questions about his sex life. Ed did admit that he was happy to “go down” on women “because he is a man.” Ed claimed that he was subjected to a very odd request from singer Katy Perry. Ed says that Perry “came up to me after the Grammys and asked if I wanted to smell her armpit.” Apparently Ed declined her offer.

When Sheeran was asked about his love life as he was growing up Ed revealed that he wasn’t exactly popular with the girls when he was at School. According to Cosmopolitan Ed said that this was because he was a bit odd as a kid.

“I was a weird kid, I was odd. But I think God looked down at some point and said, ‘you need some help getting laid. Here is a guitar. Go forth, my son.'”

So it seems that Ed Sheeran has received some divine help when it comes to his love life.

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