10-Month-Old Baby Meets His Mother’s Identical Twin For First Time, See His Hilarious Reaction [Video]

A 10-month-old baby boy met his mother’s identical twin for the first time and his reaction is priceless. The tiny boy immediately wanted to jump into the arms of the woman who looked just like his mother, but after realizing that there were two “moms” in the room, his slightly confused face says it all.

The video of 10-month-old Felix was posted by the boy’s father to his YouTube account. Since being uploaded, the video has been viewed over 1 million times. The tiny little boy’s face shows the confusion that many people feel internally when meeting an identical twin of a friend or coworker for the first time. You feel like you already know this person but they are a complete stranger. Sometimes it is hard to decide if you should hug them or run away and that is exactly what this little baby’s face expresses when he realizes the woman holding him is not his mother.

The Independent reports that Felix was born in Lithuania and so was unable to meet his aunt, the identical twin of his mother, for 10 months. When the family finally traveled to Montreal, Canada, the boy was able to meet his aunt for the first time. However, the meeting was somewhat confusing as the woman was also the identical twin of his mother.

In the adorable video, Felix can be seen smiling in admiration of the woman who looks so similar to his mother. At one point he even reaches out his tiny hand to stroke her face.

What do you think of the baby’s reaction to his mother’s identical twin?

[Image Credit: Youtube]