WWE News: Update On The Health Of Daniel Bryan – Will He Ever Wrestle Again?

Daniel Bryan is one of the most popular wrestlers in the entire world, and there is always concern that he may never be able to wrestle again. After having to relinquish his second title in as many years, Bryan is now on the shelf and no-one is quite sure just how long he may be out. At WWE Elimination Chamber, Bryan appeared on the pre-show to address his health and his future in wrestling.

The Miz had been out for quite some time as he was off doing some movie work. He was introduced on the Elimination Chamber pre-show by Summer Rae for a segment of Miz TV for the audience.

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After speaking about himself for a few minutes, he brought out Daniel Bryan to a huge pop from the crowd. One of the first things revealed is that Bryan would be presenting the Intercontinental Title to the winner of the chamber match later in the night.

That is the very title that Bryan had to vacate so recently.

From that point on, Bryan tried to speak as much as he could, but Miz kept on interrupting him. He wouldn’t let him speak, brought up their time together on the original NXT series, and even said that Bryan’s career in the ring was totally over.

It was then that Daniel Bryan took control of the conversation and made it simple. He let the fans know that his wrestling career is not yet over and emphatically shouted out to the crowd, “I will be back!”

The fans went nuts for this, but Miz still wanted to take over. Bryan took back control and said that Miz TV is “boring” and the fans needed something more entertaining. That was when he brought out Axelmania and Macho Mandow to take out The Miz.

Bryan finished off the segment by leading the entire crowd in a huge “YES” chant to end the pre-show. There was no set date for his return or even a hint of one, but it appears as if he knows that he will heal enough to continue wrestling one day.

Daniel Bryan‘s health is a huge concern for WWE, himself, and fans, but he insists that he’s not done wrestling. Before he actually gets back into the ring, doctors will have to make sure that he’s not only cleared, but that the risk of serious injury quickly coming up again isn’t too great.

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