Sneaky Zebra Creates A Phenomenal Music Video For MCM London Comic Con 2015

Thanks to the phenomenal minds at Sneaky Zebra, the MCM London Comic Con 2015 now has an official music video that is going viral on YouTube.

In related news by the Inquisitr, on-site coverage was provided for Megacon 2014 which was a success for Orlando, Florida but a bust for fans. Thankfully, Megacon 2015 was far better in organization and planning, something that was lacking in the previous year due to the change in venue location. As for other on-site coverage of a convention flavor, Space Coast Nerd Fest was dubbed a “mini-Megacon” but was actually better.

As mentioned earlier, the video was uploaded by Sneaky Zebra on their official YouTube page, which is attached above for your viewing. Sneaky Zebra provided an detailed synopsis on what the music video is all about.

“We hit up MCM London Comic Con 2015 to see some of the best cosplays the UK has to offer! With record breaking crowds & the English weather (mostly) holding up we tried to bring some new ideas to our videos & style so we would love any feedback you guys have on what was your favourite.”

Many different cosplays were featured including Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mary Jane Parker (nee Watson), Waluigi, and even Ant Man, all to The Strike’s “Atom Bomb.”

Presently, the video that was uploaded on May 30, 2015 is the fifth most watched video on #PopularOnYouTube. It already has over 150K views with 3K views. Only a meager 84 people do not like the well-produced music video. Still, the video has done a great job promoting future MCM London Comic Con.

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