Orlando Bloom Makes $750,000 Just For Living Next Door To Taylor Swift

Orlando Bloom recently made a whooping $750,000 in profits just from living next door to Taylor Swift. Bloom purchased his bachelor pad in the trendy Tribeca district last year after splitting from his supermodel wife Miranda Kerr. The three-bedroom property was sold just six months later for a $750,000 profit as the result of Taylor Swift purchasing the penthouse above.

While many people would love to live next door to Taylor Swift, the Daily Mail reports that Bloom decided to sell his property after paparazzi began staking out the area for sightings of Swift and her A-list friends. An unnamed source close to Bloom notes that he “values privacy” and decide to go ahead and sell the apartment.

“Orlando bought the flat, but then Taylor bought the penthouse and began throwing parties with guests such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake. The building became a paparazzi magnet. There were always cameras and fans outside. Orlando values his privacy so decided to sell up and move on.”

Though Orlando Bloom decided to vacate the new paparazzi haven, he won’t be leaving without a nice reward. Orlando made a $750,000 profit on his home thanks to Swift’s presence. Not bad considering Bloom only owned the property for six short months.

The NY Daily News reports that the loft was listed for $5.5 million despite Bloom only paying roughly $4.8 million for it just six months earlier. The property itself includes three-bedrooms, brick walls, hardwood floors, and original cast iron columns according to the listing. Fortunately for Bloom, the loft didn’t stay on the market long, the property sold just 30 days after being listed, thanks in part to Swift’s abode above.

Bloom’s real estate broker was Raphael De Niro, son of Robert De Niro, and he declined to disclose if Bloom may have received more than the $5.5 million asking price. However, it appears the sale went off without a hitch as Bloom has exited the star-studded premises.

Though Bloom will no longer be living in the building, paparazzi will still have plenty of celebrities to aim their cameras at as Swift can frequently be seen living it up in the trendy building with her pals Selena Gomez and Karlie Kloss.

What do you think of Orlando Bloom leaving his trendy Tribeca loft due to Swift’s A-list parties and paparazzi presence? Can you believe how much value is added to a property by having Taylor Swift as a neighbor?

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