How Do You Explain This Auto Insurance Claim? Gator Vs. Truck [Video]

One truck driver decided to “mess around” with an alligator. However, he got quite the surprise when the angry alligator refused to back down against its much bigger opponent.

In the video above, you can watch as the gator refuses to back down to the large truck. In fact, the alligator seemed bent on destroying the large beast in front of it. The truck driver slowly eases towards the alligator, which opens it mouth in a show of force. As the truck inches closer, the alligator becomes more agitated until it finally lashes out against the truck.

The gator quickly clamps its large jaws down on the front of the truck and proceeds to rip apart the front bumper. The sheer power of the gator’s jaws is on full display as the bumper is ripped from the front of the truck. Dust and dirt can be seen flying chaotically as the gator tosses the bumper about the ground.

This isn’t the first time an alligator video has gone viral. In fact, another video making the rounds features an alligator wrestler putting on a show. However, instead of taming the beast, the gator gets a bite of his arm. Instead of stopping the show, the alligator wrestler continues on with his performance as if nothing happened.

How do you think the truck driver was able to explain that incident to his insurance company? Do you think the insurance claim showed the driver or alligator at fault for the incident?

[Image Credit: YouTube Video]

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