Amy Duggar On Josh Duggar Molestation Scandal: Pray It Away, Josh!

Amy Duggar has weighed in on the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, and she definitely seems to think that her cousin’s mess can be solved through the power of prayer. However, if the solution were this simple, the Duggars would have prayed this problem away years ago — they’ve had over a decade to pray about it, but things are looking pretty bleak for the family’s future as reality stars and political influencers.

According to PEOPLE, Amy Duggar shared her response to the sex abuse scandal on Instagram. She was the only Duggar who stayed active on social media after Josh Duggar admitted to sexually molesting four of his sisters and one other girl. Amy is Josh’s first cousin, and she’s appeared on a few episodes of 19 Kids and Counting.

“No matter what happens in life our prayers are heard,” Amy captioned the image below. “Pray for your enemies. Pray for people who judge you and mistreat you. Pray for God’s will in every aspect of your life.”

Amy Duggar Praying

It sounds like Amy Duggar’s words are mostly aimed at comforting Josh and his parents — they’re the ones being judged in the court of public opinion. Amy also hints that she believes that the Duggars are being mistreated. As the Inquisitr previously reported, some 19 Kids and Counting fans think that no one should be criticizing or judging the family. However, Jessa Duggar doesn’t seem to think that there’s anything wrong with speaking out against those who do something wrong.

Amy shared a second Instagram post that might be aimed at Josh’s sibling victims and his wife, Anna Duggar. Amy seemingly asks them not to give up on Josh after he caused their family so much pain and turmoil.

“Don’t give up on your marriage,” the post reads. “Or friendships or a team or work or a family member. He can bring peace, because He is peace. The Lord erases all doubts. Jesus is able to take every emotion in your heart and bring calm to it.”

Amy Duggar’s boyfriend, Dillon King, actually responded to the Josh Duggar molestation scandal before Amy did. Because Amy spends so much time at her cousins’ house, fans of 19 Kids and Counting started speculating that she was Josh’s fifth victim. However, Dillon quickly shot down these rumors.

“I’m so thankful for this beautiful girl in my life, praying for the Duggar family in this hard time,” King wrote in an Instagram post. “Thank you Jesus Amy wasn’t involved in the situation. Love you baby girl! Praying for your family and the love ones involved.”

Amy’s cousins have been completely silent on social media, but it looks like the wildest Duggar isn’t letting Josh’s scandal affect her life too much — she’s gone back to sharing Instagram updates on her relationship with Dillon King.

What do you think of Amy Duggar’s Instagram post about prayer? Does she seem more concerned about Josh Duggar than she does about his victims?

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