Has Iggy Azalea Become Pop’s Most Hated Star?

When Iggy Azalea looks back on her career, it is not likely that she will remember the past month with much affection. Australian pop princess Azalea has cancelled her Great Escape tour for the second time, has been subjected to a campaign of hate from fans of Nicki Minaj, and has been mercilessly trolled on social media. Azalea has also been accused of having plastic surgery and a “butt implant.”

Azalea made an announcement back in March that she was postponing her U.S. tour from April until the fall of this year. At the time, Iggy claimed that production delays were responsible for the postponement and claimed that she wanted everything to be perfect for her fans. However, earlier this week, Iggy admitted on social media that her tour was cancelled, this time for good.

The 24-year-old Azalea told her 5.14 million followers that she was “sad and sorry to let her fans down.” Iggy promised that she would be back out on the road when her next album is released. No reason has been given for the cancellation of the tour, and this has lead to speculation that poor ticket sales are to blame.

Ticket holders were informed by e-mail that the tour was cancelled, but according to the Guardian, Azalea did not offer further details. Representatives from her record label, Def Jam, and tour promoter, AEG, have not returned e-mails asking for an explanation.

Meanwhile, fans of singer Nicki Minaj have been queuing up to kick Azalea whilst she is down. According to NME, Minaj fans started a petition demanding that Azalea be stripped of a Billboard Music Award for the Best Rap Song. Fans argued that Azalea’s hit song “Fancy” was ineligible because it was released a month too early to be eligible. Over 21,000 fans signed the petition, but the promoters of the Billboard awards confirmed that Azalea was eligible because it first entered the chart within the eligibility period.

According to Entertainment Wise, Azalea is something of a hate figure on social media. They claim that Azalea is subjected to more than her fair share of abuse from internet trolls because she has got into Twitter flame wars with too many other celebrities and because she moans and complains about just about anything. They also claim that Azalea fakes her accent when she raps and that she has won too many awards.

Whilst Azalea may not have had the best of months, she will be hoping that the coming months will see a change in her fortunes. Iggy reassured her fans that she would still be meeting a number of music festival commitments in the U.S. and Canada in coming weeks.

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