John Legend Is In The News Again, As John Legend The Activist

John Legend is in the news once again. While the Grammy Award-winning singer usually makes the headlines for belting out great tunes, it is his public appearances and speeches that are garnering the talk of the news. John Legend spoke to a crowd of people at the Lancaster County Convention Center, which is in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

He had plenty of messages for the awaiting group of fans and state dignitaries. One of those messages had everything to do with building a strong community. John Legend, the singer/songwriter, instantly turned into John Legend, the activist. The University of Pennsylvania graduate spoke some heartfelt words while addressing the masses who came out to support him.

“Everyone has something different they can contribute to a cause that’s close to their heart. For me, that cause has been poverty.”

Anyone who is unfamiliar with John Legend the activist must become educated quickly.

John Legend the activist was born John Roger Stephens. He has exhibited philanthropic efforts since 2007.

Legend teamed up with the Tide laundry detergent company to help the families of St. Bernard Parish in Chalmette, Louisiana. That community was one of the hardest hit areas during Hurricane Katrina. It was with the help of John Legend that awareness of that part of Louisiana had become ravaged by the largest storm to ever hit American soil.

To hear him speak to the Lancaster County crowd is no surprise. Unlike a recent trend going on in the nation, Legend is also pro-teachers.

“There were two things that helped me get through that difficult time. The first was music; the second, great teachers.

They helped me to aim high, they helped me earn a scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania, where I suddenly gained access to all the doors that a college education opens. Things worked out for me.

I believe we need to focus on education as the civil rights issue of our generation.”

Hearing John Legend and his support for teachers and the educational system as a whole is refreshing.

Education in the country has taken a big hit over the years. This is especially true for the public school system. There is a growing contingent of people who believe that it is failing and that the only way to reverse the problem is to create more charter schools. Which system works best is unclear, but neither will work without the financial and personal investment that Legend deems necessary.

“I’ve looked in the eyes of many kids who have big dreams but desperately need someone to believe in them and invest in their future. Right here in the cities and towns of Pennsylvania there are kids that have big dreams but face big obstacles.”

It is clear that John Legend is for the kids.

As for the music, John Legend is still at it.

Legend reportedly rocked the house a week ago when he joined forces with the makers of Stella Artois. Their “Host Beautifully” campaign is an attempt to redefine how to throw an entertaining gala.

The guest list was star-studded, but there was one glaring omission – Chrissy Teigen, who happens to be the wife of John Legend, was not part of the festivities. She had her own party to throw with Captain Morgan.

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