‘The X-Files’ Revival: The Return Of The Cigarette Smoking Man Confirmed

X-Files fans know that stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are set to return for The X-Files revival, but one returning character may be a great surprise to everyone, as he’s supposed to be dead. The nefarious “Cigarette Smoking Man” will return to the series, as confirmed in an interview by Den of Geek with actor William B. Davis, who played Fox Mulder’s nemesis in the original run of the series.

“As an actor it’s good for me, it’s good for my career and it’s stimulating, I had no hesitation, I would have been quite disappointed it the show had been done without me and I think a lot of fans would have been disappointed as well.”

X-Files fans would have been disappointed as well, had Davis not returned as the iconic super villain of the series, although the Cigarette Smoking Man, also known as “Cancer Man,” had died of lung cancer during the original run of The X-Files. Or did he? There’s no word yet as to whether rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated or whether his role will be primarily as flashbacks, but Davis returns in one of several key roles that have confirmed their return to The X-Files 2016 series.

That’s no small task given David Duchovny just debuted his new series, Aquarius, for NBC, and Gillian Anderson has been promoted to official cast member in Season 3 of Hannibal, also on NBC. Chris Carter returns as writer, and costar Mitch Pileggi has confirmed his return via Twitter. Robert Patrick will not be returning as John Doggett, according to Den of Geek. But then, X-Files fans weren’t too thrilled at having him as the “replacement” for David Duchovny anyway.

Davis revealed some spoilers about the new X-Files, which will be set in the present, and if the characters of Scully and Mulder would still be a couple.

“I asked [Chris Carter] if Mulder and Scully were a couple like there were at the end of the series and the indication was no, they were apart. Now whether they’ve been a couple of separated or if they go back in time and they’ve never been a couple, I don’t know. It seems like it’s going to be a somewhat different take than the finale left us in.”

Davis also discussed how The X-Files has stood the test of time and reached a new generation of fans, and how he still runs into fans of the show.

“There are a lot of new fans. It’s remarkable how many second generation fans there are because of Netflix or wherever they are seeing the original show. I see fans all the time who were way too young to watch it in the 90s.”

The X-Files begins production June 8, with an announced air date of January 24, 2016, after the NFC championship game, according to Deadline. The premiere continues for a second night on Monday, which will be its regular time slot for the rest of the six-episode run.

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