WWE News: ‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell To Wrestle WWE Superstar Stardust At ‘WWE SummerSlam’

Stephen Amell stars as the Arrow himself in the hit CW Series, Arrow. Oliver Queen protects Starling City from all sorts of bad guys and does so in a cool way. He has fought some of the baddest of the bad in Deathstroke and Ra’s Al Ghul, but could WWE Superstar Stardust be added to the list?

As the Inquisitr reported recently, WWE had a segment on WWE RAW this past week where Stephen Amell and Stardust got in each other’s grill. Afterwards, Stardust challenged Amell to a match. Amell is a huge fan of WWE and has wanted to host and wrestle for them for some time now. It appears that WWE wants to use Amell as well. Hollywood Life reported that WWE is planning a match between Stephen Amell and Stardust this year at WWE SummerSlam.

It is supposed to be a “celebrity match,” where WWE will certainly talk up the characters Amell has played or will be playing. While Amell does play the Arrow, he also landed a role as Casey Jones in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. WWE Superstar Sheamus reportedly landed the role of Rocksteady in the film, which means WWE will certainly want to promote the movie when it comes out next year.

Amell will be done filming the movie by August, which works out well due to SummerSlam happening on August 23. The show takes place from the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York, which works out well for all parties involved. On top of this, Arrow is set to come back to the CW Network around late September or early October. WWE will promote the show, which might be the only way the CW allows Amell to do the event.

Stephen Amell

Currently, both WWE and Stephen Amell are in negotiations on whether or not Amell will dress up as the Arrow for the event. Most would expect him to do so, seeing as it works for the story. The story goes that Stardust cannot distinguish the difference between Amell and the Arrow character. While Amell claims he plays a character as an actor, Stardust doesn’t understand this concept as he is currently has an identity crisis of his own. Cody Rhodes obviously plays a Stardust character but goes all out for it.

Rhodes dresses as Stardust in full make-up and costume for any event WWE goes to, so you never see him out of it. When asked of Cody Rhodes, Stardust claims that he and Rhodes are two different people. It is thought that the Cody identity crisis will come out in full force around this time. It is cool to see, as Stardust will be getting a big push so he can work with Amell on such a big stage. He does deserve the push as a major player, as Cody Rhodes has not been given a huge opportunity yet.

The fact that WWE trusts Stardust with a celebrity means that they have faith he can do a great job. On top of this, no one works better for Stephen Amell. The actor has a lot of training in various martial arts as he uses these skills as the Arrow. On top of this, he is highly skilled in parkour and does most of the stunts you see on the show. He actually proves this will his “Superhero training” videos that he posts on YouTube from time to time. So the match could be quite good.

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